Saturday, December 5, 2020

Weight Loss Updates [12-05-2020]

           I was on a good role with losing the weight but ended up gaining half of it back and no matter what I do how much less I eat, I always seem to gain the weight back. So I am gonna have to start restricting myself a bit more then usual. Just gonna have to cut back a tad more then I expected and that's OK. I was gonna come on here this morning and hope to report me being down at 231 pounds so I have to go back to work on it yet again but since today is my birthday, I wouldn't really worry about it for today as it is my special day but if I really wanna continue losing then I could but more then likely I will not eat much and at the point of me writing this post I didn't eat anything but again this is 430 am we are talking about. I'd like to get down to 222 pounds by the end of the year if possible but that might prove to be tough to do between now, my birthday and December 31st, 2020 but anything is possible if I work hard at it.

           I am not giving up and I am fighting the good fight. I am tired of being fat and yes I am sort of fat shaming myself which I shouldn't and I don't think I really am I am just stating the obvious but I am just so self conscious with my body now and that's OK to really be feeling that way to be honest.  However this week I wanna really work on this weight get myself down to 230 pounds first then the next goal is 220 but that is next year for the goal of 220 right now I gotta get myself back into the 220's to start with so I am going to have to restart or rethink things through before I put something in my mouth I guess but I will lose weight and for right now, I want to keep to every 2nd week for Weight Loss Updates not every week till I start really losing the weight and get myself down. That is my updates for this week and I will be talking to you guys on Monday's blog post.


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