Friday, December 4, 2020

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid (First Impressions ONLY)

               This is only first impressions as I haven't played much in the game recently with me being a very busy person with working on content for you guys whether it is Power Rangers related or just the regular weekly podcasts. It is not easy to work on two different podcasts at once so I haven't had time to play. So Far I have had Jen Scotts, Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Lord Drakkon, Magna Defender, Goldar (yes Goldar), Ranger Slayer, Kat Manx, UDonna, Mastodon Sentry and Dragon Armor Trini to what I remember at this moment. Those are the characters I have worked with so far and honestly I am having fun and actually Larry would love this game and he is gonna have to play it when are able to start seeing one another again in the very near future. I can say this I personally do enjoy the game and I am finding the game quite fun and very enjoyable. There is a ton of action in this game and to be honest I am having a ton of fun.

               Those are my first impressions and when I get a chance and I am sure I will have a review in the New Year at the most when I get some time to play a bit more and see how far I can get. Not sure where the end of the game is but we will see. Either way I am enjoying this game and I found myself playing with my remote control and it's a lot easier then using the mouse and keyboard in the end. I prefer the remote over the keyboard and some games I am good with the remote some I am not good with keyboard and mouse mouse and I prefer the remote over it any day of the week. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post for the first weight loss update in weeks!


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