Sunday, December 6, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [12-06-2020]

             It is once again for an weekly update. There is a few updates but not too many at this moment. about 3 smaller updates at the most. Chris has not even be around much this week since the drama went down a week ago but it wasn't cause of that, he has been darn busy creating content and finishing up what needs to be done before Christmas hits. Anyways here is the updates for the week of December 6th, 2020:

Website: The website is having it's ups and downs with the views this week but it is normal thing to happen. Our chatroom has been very active with our Moderation Team of Charlotte & Larry.  We are loving the positive feedback and questions that you have about Chris's content and we are so happy to answer your burning questions and I know we have had to double down on help with the chat since Chris is absent from the chat recently and he cannot always be there as he's been busy.

Entertainment Man Podcast: With few weeks left of the first season, Chris has doubled down on recording podcasts for today and next week and once he is finished editing he will be really digging into the collab which is the next point I will make.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast needs to get it's notes done this week so Larry and Chris can record the podcast next week so Chris can start working on the final Podcast before the Hiatus starts and there is no news when  but he's already hinted on Twitter about this to a time when he is planning to return. Over the holidays he will be finishing up Dino Thunder and type up the notes between his holiday breaks too. 

               That is about it for the updates for this week. I told you guys not much in the way of updates for this week. We are just working hard to maintain this website of his and him working on content for the final weeks of 2020 as we get ready for what is going to be a better and happier 2021 for Chris as he hopes it is drama free moving forward. Have a wonderful week everyone and I will talk to you guys next week.


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