Saturday, February 16, 2019

Weight Loss Update [02-16-2019]

            I am excited to say that I am now in between 219 and 220 pounds which is accomplishment to maintain at this weight which means I can lose the weight further. I am taking things a little more seriously. I now can say my knees are a lot more at ease and the pain levels are much better that I am thinner and my goal is getting a step closer to being off this diet. You know it has been such a struggle with trying to lose the weight but this gives me a lot of confidence in the world. I feel confident I can lose the weight now and I wanna lose about 10 more pounds by the spring if possible. I shouldn't say possibly as it is possible if I make it happen and I am going to make it happen it is just going to take some time for me to lose the weight. I wasn't feeling good about myself and kind of let my weight get out of control again. I am not going to let that happen again, going to keep focused as sooner I lose the weight, the better.

              I really haven't been at this weight since a while ago like about a year and a half I was at this weight. I was there once then I went up to 222 or higher which wasn't good so it is not the first time I have been at this weight. As long as I remain confident and able to keep losing or maintaining this weight, I will be happy. My goal to lose a ton more weight is by my next birthday which I will be 34 years of age. However my bigger goal is to be at 200 pounds even by then. I know it is an outrageous goal to have but this is part of the motivation of losing the weight. The final goal weight will be once I am at 200 pounds.      There is a reason behind losing a ton of weight this year. It is not only my New Years resolution this year to become more healthier but also it is my goal to get on Big Brother Canada for Season 8 as long as they renew the series and if it isn't an All-Stars season then I will be happily auditioning for the show again.  Also the fact I am now thinner then I have been, my knees was another problem I was struggling with and unable to audition knowing I may have a problem competing in the competitions which I have to be able to win at least some competitions not float my way to the end of the game. So are my goals as of right now and I am very serious and wanting to lose the weight and these are a great start to my new goals for 2019 and I know I can do em if I put my mind to it, I know I can set myself up for success.


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