Saturday, May 9, 2020

Weight Loss Update [05-09-2020]

                           This will not be a long post as there is a lot of things that have to be done as we wanna continue on with the website stuff and I actually got this post and the podcast edited and posted up during the night as it should be up on the platforms by now. All I can say, I stayed up late working on it and getting it done and up. Anyways that is besides the point as technically and this is about my weight. Honestly I haven't been keeping an eye on it really, I haven't paid any attention to it to be honest and I know last time I weighed like Thursday morning I weighed at 227 pounds which I wanna get it down and I am going to. Just gotta really work on it. I wanna make myself more smoothies for breakfast and I just need to get my butt out for walks really and probably will do that today and take an hour of my time from coding the website which went on hold but I can take an hour of my time to walk and get fresh air. I admit to walking to the park and back but that's not really far to go and won't do anything for my weight seriously and my fitbit the wrist bands are broken and need to get them fixed so I do not know how to get the wrist bands off to begin with but I need my fitbit back up and running. At this point I cannot keep track of my steps which I was currently working 7000 steps or was it 8000 steps a day? I don't remember but it was long the line of that numbers.

                            Either way I have to get back into a healthy pattern and we have been having way too much fatty foods lately and it isn't healthy. I wanna first aim for 220 pounds first then I will be a lot happier. I have to lose 7 pounds to get there then onto my next goal but one thing at a time.  I almost didn't even wanna bother with a weight loss update and I could of had my team post up the post that went up almost at midnight last night. I know the timing isn't great but I try to get content out on time for you guys. I am almost tempted to do weight loss updates every 2nd week at this point but I will keep you up to date on things as I continue to try lose this weight. Anyways I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post as I have a bit of an announcement to make. 

- Chris

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