Friday, May 8, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Major Updates

          Chris did a post about the podcasts this morning but that was more the status and I got more information from him that I want to share as I know this isn't a Monday but as you guys know I am stepping down from Survivor Recaps as Billy is replacing me. There is a reason behind it as I want the Staff behind the podcast as involved as much as possible.  Chris is still around the podcast and is still very much involved and most involved in the earlier part of the year and the summer but again it depends on the scheduling but this is to clear up any confusion to what the plan moving forward is.  Yes he spoke about Sequester however it will not be in the list as of right now.  Anyways let's start with what platform the shows are on followed by the Hosts but don't worry it won't be a long post:

Video & Audio ONLY (Includes Host of The Podcast):

- Survivor (Hosted By Billy)

- Big Brother (Hosted By Chris, Reality Teas)

- Big Brother Canada (Hosted by Boss Man Chris, Me)

Audio ONLY (Includes The Host of The Podcast):

- Amazing Race US (Hosted By Boss Man Chris, Me)

- Amazing Race Canada (Hosted By Boss Man Chris, Me)

                   So there is the current list and like I said there is our list and right now, we have kept out ONE show and the reason is we do not have a host for it at this moment and I am not going to say what show at this moment but never know we will explore the option again in the future I'm sure. So for right now there is the updates and Yes he knows he is only hosting one podcast on BOTH Video & Audio ONLY once and the rest is Audio ONLY... LOL! The fact he's not a really big YouTube fan these days but least he can help the team out behind the scenes and play a more of an Executive Producer role. However do not forget he also have Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada on the list and we just found out that Amazing Race has been renewed for supposedly Season 33 which is on hold but we know right now that was put on hold due to the state of the world. Any changes or adjustments will be brought up on this blog.

Thanks everyone, have a great rest of your evening,

-  The CBOTW Team

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