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Monday, April 8, 2024

Why do we have 3 YouTube Channels?

             I know things are completely now off the rails but I made a promise when it came to streaming at least weekly for Just Chatting with Gaming Stream when I had extra time on my hands and I ended up deleting the original channel which when I brought it back up I was still a Moderator in Sonal's channel and Entertainment Man Podcast's YouTube Channel which is hilarious actually. Glad I am able to keep helping my friends out with moderating their channels as well as Streaming on my own weekly with the occasional gaming stream.

            Now as you know Entertainment Man Podcast is sticking to it's schedule meanwhile The CBOTW Show sticking to every 2nd week schedule which people don't mind cause the channel is growing even on a bi-weekly schedule people enjoy that schedule. So do not worry I will figure a way to juggle all three channels but the just chatting streams will be on both Facebook and YouTube on the weekly basis. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Old YouTube Videos Are Not Being Posted...

            Since the announcement of the recent changes with the website, we have come to an decision to not upload videos from his old YouTube channel at this point. I think it is just better to actually not bring something back that ended 4 years ago. The past is the past and now we wanna focus on the podcasts and there could be a dedicated website for that technically but you never really know to be honest. This decision became a most definite decision adding in the Live Tab being added to the website and the growth of this website and to be honest with this addition it's really helped out as we've seen ton more views per day on the website so that helps us a ton in the long wrong and gives Chris the mollah on the website. I think focusing on a podcasting part with the blog is definitely the right move for him and the rest of the team moving forward.

             I know that CBOTW has returned to YouTube and growing rapidly fast now and apparently we're showing up in their algorithm but this time it's different, we're focusing on the podcasts live compare to regular videos on the platform so there is a difference. I know we were banned that never happened here in the studio, it was elsewhere and it is unfair to Chris especially but another post for another day from him and I will be sure to tell him. So the YouTube videos however are saved and he has put them on his 1 TB (terabyte) and you never know with him, he may end up putting it onto DVD down the road. You never really know with him to be honest, like Big Brother "Expect the unexpected."

Charlotte, Site Admin 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Been Over Thinking This Whole YouTube Thing!

                I feel like I have been over thinking with this entire YouTube thing to be honest and this is why I am making a second post for today. Least you cannot say I am doing content. As you know the team and I are preparing to bring Everything About Reality TV Podcast back to YouTube and I spoke to you guys in the early afternoon about the state of our podcast and that we are planning to return to YouTube soon. After this post went up, I had time to think about things and I think I am definitely over thinking things and I wanna for now take these steps to grow the podcast channel of ours:

  1. Not worry about earning money from the channel and take the time to really grow the channel and build up the viewership on there over the course of time. 
  2. Bring on the shows that we are going to cover on the podcast and fans from the Audio ONLY Platforms. Which really prove to be quite difficult to do at this moment as we are between seasons however. 
  3. Get the hosts setup to stream on the channel and try to stream on the channel to ensure they are up and running on the channel. 
  4. Not to rush the growth of this channel and really grow it slowly. I do not wanna push the channel too fast and was at fault for that when I wanted to launch the channel at the end of a season.
  5. Make a guest appearance here and there and I made a promise to Billy to come on one of his Survivor Recaps as we couldn't make it work with the 2 of us.
                  Those are steps I want to follow and really take the time to adjust to the video side of things. Honestly I will not be live on there as much as you guys think but Chris (Reality Teas) and Billy will be on there most of the time and I am on there on February/March each year. Right now we focus on the Audio ONLY stuff and YouTube will return one day soon. We have to do it when the time is right and with a month to go till Big Brother is to air, we just do not know when it will air to be honest. Just gotta take one step at a time especially with YouTube. 


Friday, May 8, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Major Updates

          Chris did a post about the podcasts this morning but that was more the status and I got more information from him that I want to share as I know this isn't a Monday but as you guys know I am stepping down from Survivor Recaps as Billy is replacing me. There is a reason behind it as I want the Staff behind the podcast as involved as much as possible.  Chris is still around the podcast and is still very much involved and most involved in the earlier part of the year and the summer but again it depends on the scheduling but this is to clear up any confusion to what the plan moving forward is.  Yes he spoke about Sequester however it will not be in the list as of right now.  Anyways let's start with what platform the shows are on followed by the Hosts but don't worry it won't be a long post:

Video & Audio ONLY (Includes Host of The Podcast):

- Survivor (Hosted By Billy)

- Big Brother (Hosted By Chris, Reality Teas)

- Big Brother Canada (Hosted by Boss Man Chris, Me)

Audio ONLY (Includes The Host of The Podcast):

- Amazing Race US (Hosted By Boss Man Chris, Me)

- Amazing Race Canada (Hosted By Boss Man Chris, Me)

                   So there is the current list and like I said there is our list and right now, we have kept out ONE show and the reason is we do not have a host for it at this moment and I am not going to say what show at this moment but never know we will explore the option again in the future I'm sure. So for right now there is the updates and Yes he knows he is only hosting one podcast on BOTH Video & Audio ONLY once and the rest is Audio ONLY... LOL! The fact he's not a really big YouTube fan these days but least he can help the team out behind the scenes and play a more of an Executive Producer role. However do not forget he also have Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada on the list and we just found out that Amazing Race has been renewed for supposedly Season 33 which is on hold but we know right now that was put on hold due to the state of the world. Any changes or adjustments will be brought up on this blog.

Thanks everyone, have a great rest of your evening,

-  The CBOTW Team

Sunday, July 29, 2018

False Flagging on YouTube....

                  I am appalled at the false flagging on YouTube... I mean really? Here is the short end of the story, a friend of mine, got suspended for 2 weeks and they have minded their own business on the platform making great quality content as usual as I have been a subscriber for nearly 2 years now. I mean they did nothing wrong. This makes no sense, why report them when they haven't commented inappropriately nor break the Terms of Service on the platform? We both have an idea who it is and it is not worth to mention their name whatsoever. However false flagging is not cool and I wish it would be against the terms of service to false flag, because it is against the TOS on which is a broadcasting platform but they have it on their terms of service false flagging will result in a ban from using the platform. YouTube sure needs to start cracking down on the false flagging soon, because it is ridiculous on this happening to not only my friend but I have been a victim of that once, when I never broke the terms of service, whatsoever. 

                   Honestly, I am now happy with me being off the platform and doing my own thing and my own content now to this day. I am very much happier where I am at right now and hopefully will work harder on it in the coming months. But honestly YouTube needs to get their act together and realize non of my friends content is against the terms or service. The person just wants them off the platform for certain reasons and I have already reached out to The YouTube Team to try help him out and get his suspension lifted because I know he's not broken terms of service or seen any video that is hateful whatsoever so YouTube needs to do something about this false flagging because people will not wanna be on the platform anymore if they keep being false flagged. I know the algorithm isn't great but something has to be done. This is why I am making my voice heard on today' blog post as I would like to see something done about this false flagging which isn't necessary and waste of YouTube's time to check the channel for a TOS violation.


Saturday, February 24, 2018

YouTube Ramble, Part 2

           I was originally going to post this yesterday, but I held it off a day, but in today's blog post I wanna rant a bit about this whole YouTube thing. Now you're going to ask why Chris? Well recently even with the notification bell on, I do not get any notifications, like a YouTube video from Daym Drops, I never got that notification whatsoever the video went up. I didn't get a notification from YouTube a video was up and again that notification bell was clicked on so it makes absolutely no sense why I wasn't being notified a video was posted on their channel. I'm not blaming the creators, it's YouTube that needs to fix it where we get the notifications.

              Now the part of creators leaving the platform with the adpocolypse in the last year, almost 2 years now plus the family friendly content, also  I do not blame the content creators who wanna quit, this platform is not like it use to be. Honestly, it has changed since I walked away and honestly I am glad I left at the right time before all of this went down. I'll say it again, seems like I leave YouTube and all hell broke loose on the website, it's like I was the glue that held the site? Never know! But it is sad to see the platform go this way and to see creators leaving the website.

                Again it is truly sad to see even more content creators leaving but it is their choice and I respect their choice. If they go to another platform, I will most definitely follow them. I did that with McJuggernuggets & Daym Drops, so I will always show my support for my favorite creators, you know it. My final thoughts on this post as I know I am all over the place with this post, I wish YouTube would go back to the way things use to be, with letting us content we want to give out to our loyal listeners out there while maintaining the terms of service but I doubt it would happen, it is truly sad to see such an amazing platform going downhill.