Sunday, July 29, 2018

False Flagging on YouTube....

                  I am appalled at the false flagging on YouTube... I mean really? Here is the short end of the story, a friend of mine, got suspended for 2 weeks and they have minded their own business on the platform making great quality content as usual as I have been a subscriber for nearly 2 years now. I mean they did nothing wrong. This makes no sense, why report them when they haven't commented inappropriately nor break the Terms of Service on the platform? We both have an idea who it is and it is not worth to mention their name whatsoever. However false flagging is not cool and I wish it would be against the terms of service to false flag, because it is against the TOS on which is a broadcasting platform but they have it on their terms of service false flagging will result in a ban from using the platform. YouTube sure needs to start cracking down on the false flagging soon, because it is ridiculous on this happening to not only my friend but I have been a victim of that once, when I never broke the terms of service, whatsoever. 

                   Honestly, I am now happy with me being off the platform and doing my own thing and my own content now to this day. I am very much happier where I am at right now and hopefully will work harder on it in the coming months. But honestly YouTube needs to get their act together and realize non of my friends content is against the terms or service. The person just wants them off the platform for certain reasons and I have already reached out to The YouTube Team to try help him out and get his suspension lifted because I know he's not broken terms of service or seen any video that is hateful whatsoever so YouTube needs to do something about this false flagging because people will not wanna be on the platform anymore if they keep being false flagged. I know the algorithm isn't great but something has to be done. This is why I am making my voice heard on today' blog post as I would like to see something done about this false flagging which isn't necessary and waste of YouTube's time to check the channel for a TOS violation.


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