Friday, July 27, 2018

Dynamic Microphone or Condenser? Which One Do I Prefer!

               With me being almost a year since having the condenser microphone since switching from Dynamic mic to a Condenser mic and I think today is suitable to talk about which one I actually prefer the most and it has been an interesting and learning experience in change of type of microphones. I didn't realize I could talk into it upright position till I started talking into it. Before I got the AT2020 condenser Microphone which the mic I own right now on top of the dynamic Mic I also have which is now acting like the guest microphone when I do have guests here in the studio with me like Larry for example. 

                I can tell the difference between the two microphones in the way of Audio Quality of the microphone. The dynamic was good but not as good as the condenser microphone that I currently use so there is  bit of a different in the audio quality but that's OK, both still get the job done and done right for. My Dynamic Mic has a lot more mileage used on it then the condenser but this mic will in time will have the mileage too. Either way having a second mic like I said above does help me with the guest situation as it was hard before with one mic only. LOL, we used Larry dead end headset which was a piece of junk honestly and crackly sound and what not... I am not putting down Larry's equipment. 

                  Now, which one do I prefer? Well either mic I prefer but honestly mic is a mic and it don't matter which one I  use as long at the end of the day it gets the job done and done right.  The studio is growing as I get further and further along with Chris B On The Web and  I am excited for the future of the podcast, yes I realize the .com website is now gone and I will be addressing it soon in the coming days, maybe tomorrow, maybe by Monday at the most when I get more news on why they blocked my site for no apparent reason when it was just a blank website at the time. 


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