Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sweet Shoppe (Grand Bend) Review

               While my time in Grand Bend during my vacation, I got to experience the Sweet Shoppe in the town which had two different experiences on two different days as I wasn't sure what heck I was drinking actually. What was I drinking? I had a Vanilla Shake on the Thursday and a Chocolate Shake on the Friday, the day we were coming home from Grand Bend. I will break down both of the days and what my thoughts are and trust me I have my opinions on the Sweet Shoppe but I will be nice in the nicest way as I do not want to put them down in anyway shape or form.

               So first of all, I would like to break down Thursday. Both my dad and I had the Vanilla Milk Shake but it was nothing but liquid, it was more like like Milk frothed then shake. I gotta a suspicious feeling, they did just use Milk and frothed it instead? It was gone within minutes of us walking out of the sweet shoppe so I am not sure what was going on and mind you I did send them a little message to them. I knew it was not as thick or done up like a Milkshake. I felt like it was rushed and usually take a couple of minutes to put a shake together and it seemed to not take that long for some odd reason. 

                Now to the more positive side of things, my dad and I ended up back at the sweet shoppe again to pick up Fudge for my mom as a treat for her and my dad asked if I wanted a milkshake and I right away hesitated at first to decide if it is worth another let down once again but I am all for a second chance and gave the Sweet Shoppe another chance and this time I had a chocolate milkshake this time around and it was thick and the girl filled it to the top which was awesome to actually see this time around. I give Thursday's Milkshake a 1 out of 5 as I was sort of disappointed. But Friday, however I give it a 5 out of 5 this time around as I was more satisfied with the shake this time. Would I go back there for another Shake? It is hard to decide at the moment.


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