Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Aunt Gussie's Restaurant Food Review (Grand Bend, Ontario)

            Thanks to @ralyssa11 On Twitter, as she recommended this restaurant to my dad and I, my dad and I had the opportunity and chance to eat there on the day we left Grand Bend and it was a long wait but it was worth the entire wait and it wasn't really that long wait honestly, it didn't feel that long honestly. Once they cleared a table for us, we got seated and ordered juice and coffee for my dad obviously and we put in the order. I don't remember what he had but I had the Aunt Gussie classic breakfast which consist 2 eggs, bacon, potato small wedges and toast. 

               Now the eggs were done over easy to my liking and it was cooked to my liking. The bacon wasn't too crispy, I like it not too crispy but even I am able to chew the bacon without hurting my teeth in the process. The potatoes were nice and soft and tasted really well. I should of done ketchup but I don't think they had that condiment out yet as it was still the morning at the time.  The toast, well the bread was so soft and I actually like the bread diagonal and wanna do that from here on out.

                So this restaurant out of 5 gets a 5 all day as it is a nice hearty meal and great way to get your day started as Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But be patient when you go to Aunt Gussie's it is worth it. The staff (waitresses) work so hard and go back and forth and gives you great service which is great in a restaurant. If you are in the Grand Bend Ontario, do give it a shot by eating at Aunt Gussie's!


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