Monday, July 23, 2018

My Grand Bend Vacation 2018!

                As you all know, I took some time off and went away for the 4 days I was off. I went to Grand Bend for a holiday. I needed to soak up some suds on the beach, swimming and hiking. We had to wait one extra day due to a thunderstorm and we didn't wanna get struck by lighting by all means so we left on the Tuesday and the Monday I finished up all the work that I had to do before I started a 4 day vacation time from reality. So we left at quarter to 11 in the morning and we trekked all the way to Grand Bend with a stop to stretch our feet as we were getting stiff and it is a historic town called Stratford. We got there and we started to setup, had a mishap with the tent which mean taking a 20 km side trip to resolve our tent woes on this trip. In the evening we went down into Grand Bend, did some Mini Golf which I won. Also saw the sun set as well which was beautiful! 

            Day 2 came around, we did some hiking in Pinery Provincial Park to  do some hiking and also swam at the day beach which was nice. Also we did back to back swimming with another swim at the beach in Grand Bend. So it was refreshing and boy I was tired by the end of the day. We did more mini golf, saw the sunset with some Jazz entertainment. The 3rd and final full day in Grand Bend which we left the day later we went back to the Provincial Park for another hike which took about 40 minutes. Followed by looking at the opposite beach from the beach in Grand Bend. We also swam once again as well. We also did mini golf and we tied so we both one a game and tied the last so it was officially a tie between us. We saw the sunset for the last time and spent a good amount of time on the beach like Wednesday night and also had a milshake that wasn't too good and I will be doing a post on that as a review of the Sweet Shoppe down there on Wednesday's blog post.

             Friday we went home but has breakfast at Aunt Gussie's and I will be doing a food review on tomorrow's blog post for you guys if I recommend it or not. Followed by that we had one last swim, followed by a milkshake which better then the day before and again I will talk about it on my review on Wednesday. Followed by that we were finally on our way home. I slept a good 2.5 hours and up for dinner which we went to Pizza Hut which aren't many and I like Pizza hut as the dough is so soft when you bite into it. However the trip was great, had a great time and glad to be home and bringing out tons of podcast and blog content to you this week.


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