Sunday, July 22, 2018

Back On My Diet....

                After a 4 day holiday away, I need to get back on my diet as my weight has gone up so I am currently working on fixing that right away as I need to get back on the right track with losing weight and my goal is get back to 222 pounds before this gets way out of control again and I plan on not letting it getting this out of control, I want to continue on with my weight loss journey as I plan to still get below 200 pounds again as I haven't been that for years now. I am only 3 pounds away from 230 again and trust me I don't want to be back at that point where I have to start my diet all over again from the start.

                We ate too good on the Grand Bend trip, I think the portion size was too much honestly, however I still got the food and I had smaller lunches. I guess vacations you eat like crazy but yet I swam a lot and I also hiked quite a lot too so that had a factor that I didn't go up by much in weight actually, I went up a pound but I am slowly going down. Now, I am not going to not eat, I have to eat but I need to portion size the amount I eat per meal and also eat the non fatty food and eating healthier is one of the bigger goals. My goal is to be above 1800 calories per day which has actually helped me lose the weight I need to lose. 

                 Finally I will continue on with my diet and I will work on continue on losing the weight and I want to get down below 200 and get a little smaller in my waist to fit some of my clothes that I cannot fit into now. This is a long winding journey but I am definitely on the way to losing the weight and I will not give up on it whatsoever. I will press forward with this but I should of not let it go this far up especially with eating out so often during the kitchen renovations but it is what it is and I will deal with it regardless!


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