Saturday, July 21, 2018

I Screwed Up, Royally & Changes....

           I screwed up. I admit I made a mistake with one of the shows I covered back in the spring and I it was thrown into the wrong podcast. I admit the mistake I made and I will fix it as the best I can. I got clarification yesterday while still on vacation that Music City is indeed Reality TV and can fit into Everything About Reality TV format, so over the next couple of days I will be adjusting the intro's to the podcast and re naming it to Everything About Reality TV Podcast as that is now the only podcast I am hosting at this point of time and the primary focus right now for me. Now as for Music City, it will be moved onto Everything About Reality TV 

              As for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers podcast will be moved to when the site is back up and running, that's right I am planning to start re-building the site even if it is on a free site if worse comes to worse, I am still getting content out to you guys regardless of the situation with the ailing website but would like the .com website to come back to normal. I rather have the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a special collaboration podcast with my good friend Larry as it is just something that is totally random then focus on two podcasts. It has become such a busy schedule, I just want to primarily focus on Everything About Reality TV.

               Over the holidays,   I really got thinking straight finally after having 2 full days off that I need to realize what is more important. What do I mean by that? Well Everything About Reality TV has been doing well, meanwhile it has been a bit of a struggle to get the views on a brand new podcast. As you know Everything About Reality TV is about to turn 3 since it's inception on YouTube and 2 years on Audio ONLY and it has been a struggle to get the views it needs to be successful and it has become a huge success and it's grown on various platforms. So this is the podcast I want to focus on primarily and try and stick to it for right now.


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