Friday, July 20, 2018

My Plans For Fixing Up My Studio?

                 My plans to fix up the studio, well, lets say I let things get way out of control with the holes in the wall here. That is the first step is fixing up all the walls down here so it doesn't look like swiss cheese... I know small joke but I want to improve things here in my studio especially and fix things up eventually. Once that is done, I am planning to get another desk as this one is not built very well and would like one that's more sturdy and durable. I plan on looking at the sales at Leon's to see what I can find in the way of getting a desk for right here in the studio. 

                   Now as most of you know with my current setup is to rotate the desk against the west wall of the room instead of the way it is right now currently. I want a change of pace and I don't like this small cluttered space right now, I want more of an open concept kind of space  and I have a good amount of wall I can use, I mean space I can use for a studio and I wanna utilize it a bit more then I had before. I also have plan to have a cork board to put up pictures from my niece and nephew. I also would like to put up posters as well up on my wall unit as I want to give it that full look and what not. 

                    Yes I am excited for the studio to be fixed up and look like an actual studio again as right now I am sick and tired of looking at the holes here in the studio but I have learned from this and look forward to the future of this studio and the amazing recordings I am going to do in the nearby future as well!


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