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Friday, October 30, 2020

I Was Wild and Crazy and Totally Messed Up At Times.....

                 You probably wondering on today's title and I will explain in a moment. Yes I missed a post the other day and I am deeply sorry about that but got busy with the collab stuff and getting close to finished. In fact I was up late last night and worked on it once I fixed the graphics for the banners for my brand but that will be explained on tomorrow's post. Anyways to today's post is about how I was wild and crazy and messed up at times. Now I will not say exactly but there was a day I said I went off my meds again and I was really out of control. I am a lot more calmer minus the times something peeves me off but that is normal. Also I was really messed up when I ended both my YouTube Career and web series The Entertainment Man Talk Show. I made some not nice things. I was bitter. I didn't realize I didn't talk to Eric and Larry for a long time after they quit. I was really ticked. One thing I noticed was the fact I had choice words I wish I could go back and not say it. I cannot delete every single thing I said but I did erase some. It would take me a long time to erase every single not so nice tweet in the past.

                   However this is now, I have matured as a person and gotten a 0 tolerance for crap from people. I have learned if I need to block I can. I just am not letting hate bother me no more is what I am trying to say. Life is too short to deal with drama and crap at this point. I am getting older and a lot more wiser for someone who is about to turn to 35 in a month almost. Do I regret some of the things I said? Yes of course I do. I am careful what I say now on Twitter and honestly bite my tongue when someone says something I do not like. I have come too far honestly. I have changed a lot and been focused and yes I know I have had my mental health issues this year and been like this for the past year on and off but I am relentless with the content no matter what, especially if I am feeling down or not, I am starting to be able to just deal with it and in a different way, even with negative feedback or comments thrown. I am making sure I watch my P's and Q's and been very well keeping positive as much as possible.


Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sleep Schedule Is Really Off!

           Originally it was a weight loss update but obviously it is now an update on my sleep now as you know my sleep is all over the darn place. I know one of the reasons why is because of me working on the Power Rangers Podcast and getting the notes typed up and really getting it done as I am now half way through the two sets of notes my sleep should be getting better but it hasn't been lately as I have been sleeping early and up during the night but the nights have been very productive. However I need to get sleep fixed and probably the only time I can really sleep early is the days I am on Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast which is usually every week but at least once a month at the most. maybe more off. However the other days I need to get to bed around 9 or 930 at night at the most on the other nights but I need to actually start training my body to actually go to bed at this time at that time to ensure I get better sleep and not sleep half the damn day so this way I can get work done for the website as that hasn't been the case but yet I have been able to get Everything About Reality TV Podcast on time which it hasn't been the last 2 weeks it has been on a very odd schedule and this is due to my sleep schedule but hey least it is back on time. Sleep and my mental health is still the upmost important to me and I need to take care about myself at the same time but been trying. 

            This upcoming week I promise to get myself back on track with sleep and you obviously can tell the days I am awake during the night with my posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posting stuff up but most of the time during the night I tweet the most of the time. However today I am getting my sleep back on the right track as I know I'll be back fairly late like 830 - 9 pm ish so this will be good I can relax for 30 minutes then go to bed and tomorrow's another day for me and I plan on working on the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast more tomorrow with the sleep being fixed and a lot better then it has been lately. You cannot imagine how tired and worn out I am from the lack of sleep during the night. I miss getting up at 330, maybe 4 or 430 am and getting my day started but again that hasn't been the case lately as you know my posts on social are pretty much all over the place and I am sure you guys are quite confused. Final things I would like to say is my posts lately are not as good as they normally have been as sometimes they aren't making sense or they have been misspells on there that is why. Either way this week will be a tough week to get things back on the right track for me and also the podcast but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it and that is what is going on with me on this little update blog post.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

I Screwed Up, Royally & Changes....

           I screwed up. I admit I made a mistake with one of the shows I covered back in the spring and I it was thrown into the wrong podcast. I admit the mistake I made and I will fix it as the best I can. I got clarification yesterday while still on vacation that Music City is indeed Reality TV and can fit into Everything About Reality TV format, so over the next couple of days I will be adjusting the intro's to the podcast and re naming it to Everything About Reality TV Podcast as that is now the only podcast I am hosting at this point of time and the primary focus right now for me. Now as for Music City, it will be moved onto Everything About Reality TV 

              As for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers podcast will be moved to when the site is back up and running, that's right I am planning to start re-building the site even if it is on a free site if worse comes to worse, I am still getting content out to you guys regardless of the situation with the ailing website but would like the .com website to come back to normal. I rather have the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a special collaboration podcast with my good friend Larry as it is just something that is totally random then focus on two podcasts. It has become such a busy schedule, I just want to primarily focus on Everything About Reality TV.

               Over the holidays,   I really got thinking straight finally after having 2 full days off that I need to realize what is more important. What do I mean by that? Well Everything About Reality TV has been doing well, meanwhile it has been a bit of a struggle to get the views on a brand new podcast. As you know Everything About Reality TV is about to turn 3 since it's inception on YouTube and 2 years on Audio ONLY and it has been a struggle to get the views it needs to be successful and it has become a huge success and it's grown on various platforms. So this is the podcast I want to focus on primarily and try and stick to it for right now.


Friday, June 1, 2018

I Screwed Up! (SMH!)

           I made the biggest mistake in my life, I mean I should of stuck to 000webhost even when the web builder wasn't working for some strange unforeseen reason which now it seems to be working with no problem currently... I should of remained patient during the frustrating times of running the website but don't forget it's a learning curve for me and everyday I seem to learn something new about websites and I am always figuring things out and quite quickly.

           Also I made the biggest mistake not only the website but having someone help me run a chat built within Why do I say this, you may ask? Well I had two individuals who wanted to help me run the chat within my website. What happened? They both decided to turn their backs on me so I did away with the chat system... Did it really matter if the website had a chat it was holding back and it was hard to get it running and people actually popping by in the website. However, I got another feature in the back of my mind actually but I am not 150% sure if it will work out as I haven't used this feature since back in 2010, maybe before that even.  However, I need to make the right decisions from here on out, making the wrong decisions will not be a good decision to make right now. 

             Yes I made some mistakes with Chris B On The Web, but I am only human to make em and I think at this point of CBOTW being active for the last almost 4 years now, I think it is safe to say, I have indeed learned from past mistakes and this is why I am already thinking way ahead for the future of my website and that announcement comes on tomorrow's blog post to what the future entails for me, my website, the podcasts and the blog posts as well! 


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I Truly Need To Be More Organized With Everything Involving CBOTW!

               I haven't been ever since just before Easter, not the most organized person in the entire world recently, however, I am wanting to rectify all of the issues and lack of organization fixed and fast, I do not want to lose the fan base whatsoever and this year I have had tons of love and support this year so far so I know you guys are being patient and yes I am still new to the podcasting world but this is ridiculous of being not on schedule. I will explain a few of my faults.

              First fault I would like to note is when the week leading up to Easter Sunday, I was away from the studio quite a lot over the course of the week and I didn't schedule things too well. I could of released Survivor in the late Afternoon, which I was suppose to but I didn't. Next was the Big Brother Canada 6 RECAP, I had to re schedule with being away in Toronto and was aiming at Saturday afternoon to record and non of that was done. The next fault I made, was the week I was out of town at the Big Brother Canada Live Eviction which I cannot talk about production (Sorry!) but I was away for that and I just didn't recover from it since. Also note that was the time I was dealing with my back woes which you guys know a lot about by now, that has been a factor in  the scheduling has been extremely poor and I understand your frustration over it. Let me say I stayed up all night last night during the night to just get things done and plus I just couldn't sleep as I had a lot on my mind. Yes a lot of the things on my mind, is the website, being behind on podcasts, getting blog posts out, getting ready for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so there is a lot going on in my head 24/7.

               My first thing I want to fix the scheduling with the podcast as it was a mess and content out on time is my number priority from anything else with Chris B On The Web and hopefully by end of this week, I will have accomplish that goal with being on schedule as I enter the Finale Week for Everything About Reality TV Big Brother Canada 6 Recaps and I am planning to record this morning, edit as much as I can this morning, finish up when I get home then up in the evening before I am in bed. Then Thursday morning, back to the regular routine tomorrow morning with Survivor Ghost Island, lets hope lets me uploads. Then Friday morning recording it it goes up in the evening then next week is a new week! That is my plan and I plan to stick to it and start fixing what I have messed up little over a month ago.