Friday, October 30, 2020

I Was Wild and Crazy and Totally Messed Up At Times.....

                 You probably wondering on today's title and I will explain in a moment. Yes I missed a post the other day and I am deeply sorry about that but got busy with the collab stuff and getting close to finished. In fact I was up late last night and worked on it once I fixed the graphics for the banners for my brand but that will be explained on tomorrow's post. Anyways to today's post is about how I was wild and crazy and messed up at times. Now I will not say exactly but there was a day I said I went off my meds again and I was really out of control. I am a lot more calmer minus the times something peeves me off but that is normal. Also I was really messed up when I ended both my YouTube Career and web series The Entertainment Man Talk Show. I made some not nice things. I was bitter. I didn't realize I didn't talk to Eric and Larry for a long time after they quit. I was really ticked. One thing I noticed was the fact I had choice words I wish I could go back and not say it. I cannot delete every single thing I said but I did erase some. It would take me a long time to erase every single not so nice tweet in the past.

                   However this is now, I have matured as a person and gotten a 0 tolerance for crap from people. I have learned if I need to block I can. I just am not letting hate bother me no more is what I am trying to say. Life is too short to deal with drama and crap at this point. I am getting older and a lot more wiser for someone who is about to turn to 35 in a month almost. Do I regret some of the things I said? Yes of course I do. I am careful what I say now on Twitter and honestly bite my tongue when someone says something I do not like. I have come too far honestly. I have changed a lot and been focused and yes I know I have had my mental health issues this year and been like this for the past year on and off but I am relentless with the content no matter what, especially if I am feeling down or not, I am starting to be able to just deal with it and in a different way, even with negative feedback or comments thrown. I am making sure I watch my P's and Q's and been very well keeping positive as much as possible.


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