Saturday, October 31, 2020

Made A Few Tweaks To My Re-Brand!

               As you can noticed, I have changed the banners to suit myself a bit so I am an array of different things from Blogs to Podcasts to Photography, I have it all. I wanna make sure I continue on getting more followers and fans within my community. Why you may be wondering why the change in the motto and year and adding 15th Anniversary? Well, I first of all I explained the motto part and the reason was cause of what I just said here on the blog. The 15th Anniversary, I decided to incorporate the fact I have been creating content for nearly 15 Years now both The Video Projects Team & now under the Chris B On The Web Brands over the year. Yes CBOTW was still founded on November 14th, 2014 nearly 6 Years ago and I will mention when it hits the 10 year mark but I am more focused on the years that I have been creating content all together as a whole. It has been a very long time now and grateful for the time I have spent being a content creator.

               I promise you guys this is the final changes that I am making on top of some of the other changes I have made. I've noticed with some of the changes I have gotten some new followers over Twitter and Instagram, despite I have lost some on Instagram but still seem to maintain at this time. Just want to make sure I am perfect for this rebrand and I end up getting growing the fan base and it will in time especially in Facebook which has been a bit of a problem but I am not panicking whatsoever. I had help from my Management Team, Billy and Tiala and also fellow Podcaster Jimi from The Record Machine Show Podcast which you see me promote the link from time to time on my social media. So Thank-you all 3 of them for the help in the last couple of days. This is just the start and I am excited for what is to come and especially the fact I will be celebrating 15 years soon and will be making a post about it on December 9th of this year.


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