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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Updates & Changes To My Team

 Now I know I have said I will do a blog once and a while and this happens to fit the category of this has to come out today, not tomorrow. As you probably noticed my site admin is no longer listed on the team page and probably still following this blog post but I could care less anyways. So with their departure suddenly leaves a gap in my team and I can say this, I am not replacing her whatsoever. I've tried time and time again to have someone on to help me maintain this website and it hasn't worked out whatsoever for me in the end. So moving forward the two main people behind the ChrisBOnTheWeb content is myself and Larry for podcasts and you will hear my Moderators on the podcast moving forward as their both going to be on the show eventually and Amy being sooner then you expect this upcoming week I will be speaking to her about The Video Projects Team. So Moderators I have a list of mods which can be found on or here is the list:

ChrisBOnTheWeb Founder/Owner:


ChrisBOnTheWeb Moderators:

Larry, FB Group & YouTube Channel Moderator & Senior Producer/Co-Host of Power Rangers Collab

Amy, FB Group & YouTube Channel Moderator 

Jeff, FB Group & YouTube Channel Moderator 

                   There is the list moving forward and there is so many changes it is hard to say in one post but I am just tired in general of the crap as I feel like it is The Video Projects Team all over again and sorry to say this to my Alum, Amy, Larry, Justin, Eric and Jeff and yes I do consider Jeff an Alumni as he volunteered when there was a chatroom back in the day. I am taking control before this gets way out of control and I do not want it out of control and only I can take control, remember I'm the boss. Anyways that is this special blog post for today, I will talk to you all Monday!


Saturday, October 31, 2020

Made A Few Tweaks To My Re-Brand!

               As you can noticed, I have changed the banners to suit myself a bit so I am an array of different things from Blogs to Podcasts to Photography, I have it all. I wanna make sure I continue on getting more followers and fans within my community. Why you may be wondering why the change in the motto and year and adding 15th Anniversary? Well, I first of all I explained the motto part and the reason was cause of what I just said here on the blog. The 15th Anniversary, I decided to incorporate the fact I have been creating content for nearly 15 Years now both The Video Projects Team & now under the Chris B On The Web Brands over the year. Yes CBOTW was still founded on November 14th, 2014 nearly 6 Years ago and I will mention when it hits the 10 year mark but I am more focused on the years that I have been creating content all together as a whole. It has been a very long time now and grateful for the time I have spent being a content creator.

               I promise you guys this is the final changes that I am making on top of some of the other changes I have made. I've noticed with some of the changes I have gotten some new followers over Twitter and Instagram, despite I have lost some on Instagram but still seem to maintain at this time. Just want to make sure I am perfect for this rebrand and I end up getting growing the fan base and it will in time especially in Facebook which has been a bit of a problem but I am not panicking whatsoever. I had help from my Management Team, Billy and Tiala and also fellow Podcaster Jimi from The Record Machine Show Podcast which you see me promote the link from time to time on my social media. So Thank-you all 3 of them for the help in the last couple of days. This is just the start and I am excited for what is to come and especially the fact I will be celebrating 15 years soon and will be making a post about it on December 9th of this year.


Thursday, October 8, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Changes!

              I know it's not Sunday nor it's not my manager doing an update post. There is changes to the system we use to have. As you know by now with that announcement that I have gone solo on my own but still have Tiala and also Billy to help out as Moderator and Manager for me but most part no podcasts from other individuals, the projects is mainly me. So with what I have said here are the additional changes that I have made to the website since the changes with the social media:

Website Chat: Since it will hard to continually be active on the website chat on a regular basis and Jim no longer part of the team anymore the desire to have a chat on our website is a lot lower then I wanted it. 

Staff Page: Since there is hardly a team anymore, I've also done away with the staff page but if you wanna know Tiala is a Moderator for my Fan Page and Billy is a Manager for me. You will see him make posts from time to time if I need him too but like I said I am on my own but have help to make sure the trolls are at bay at all times.

Menu Bar and Pages: The menu bar has been tweaked again and pages have been removed from the website, community chat, staff have been removed, CBOTW Gamers Podcast has been removed as well as the RSS feed for that podcast. 

                   So those are the updates and there are a lot of updates to my website and also social and that one RSS feed is now no longer existing. I feel good to still have a Moderator and a Manager and I do not wanna make anymore changes and just go with the flow of things. I am sticking to my word with this and not going to turn back to the old method of having a team at one point. I am keeping it and nobody can change as it is my decision and my decision only and at least it is a ton less stress on my hands and happy in the end. I think it was long coming to these changes and it was definitely time. 


Friday, January 3, 2020

Plans & Changes For CBOTW...

            With 2020 here, I am making changes to CBOTW that will impact the future of the website. Not easy to say this but since I pre-written the content post but there has been more to it all and here is my thought process:

1) CBOTW Gamers Podcast: It was talked about and honestly with the way we are going through hosts so much recently, I think at this time it is best for myself and the CBOTW Staff to just move on and continue on with the 3 podcasts that we have going on Everything About Reality TV, Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and The Sports Hour W/ Billy. Honestly we have been through the thick and thin and I think it is just time we put this podcast on the shelf once and for all as I just feel like it is not going to work and we have tried too many times to revive after the first host so I think this is just not going to work out honestly and it has been tried too many times and failed time and time again and it has been a turning endless wheel for this podcast and I can be honest, I have given up with trying on this podcast and honestly it is just time to give up on it and work with what is working for us which is the 3 I mentioned.

2) Everything About Reality TV: With the additional host, Jasmine added on we here in the Main Studio or CBOTW HQ have been working on a side projects where you will once again have the ability to listen to the podcast also on the website as well. This goes for any other podcasts that is currently on the rotation here on the website. This will take us some time to get done but it will be all done in due time and were excited to be bringing this feature back to the website after about a year of it not being physically on the website and only the links that you seen for the last almost year.

              There is what is on my mind right now and a ton of new stuff coming and I told you guys 2020 was going to be crazy with new stuff and features to the website even old features that have made it's return to and this is only the start for us and I cannot wait for you what is in-stored. Also as you can tell Steven has finally started with the blog and will be covering the Gordon Ramsey shows from Masterchef, Masterchef Junior to Gordon Ramsey 24 Hours To Hell and Back to Hell's Kitchen. It is very exciting news to be adding him to the blogging team.That is a few bits of what is coming but I will explain more as the year goes on and announcements as they see to fit. Cannot wait to keep telling you guys what is going as there is a couple of things still yet to be announced but in time you guys will know. You know a bit but not all the details but like I said you will know more very, very soon! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!


Monday, December 16, 2019

Things I Want To Work On In 2020 With Chris B On The Web...

           There is a bunch of things I would like to work on when it comes to the blog posts and not only that but also the podcasts there is changes I need to change. This year I notice things were getting better but still a lot of room for improvement honestly. 2020 is going to be definitely different for me and you will all see on January 1st & 2nd as I have a back to back day in Announcements coming to you guys. So what needs to change? This is what I would like to try and change in the year 2020:

1) Blog posts-  I have been doing daily posts on a daily basis and honestly it is getting quite exhausting but the more I post the better but for right now I am sticking to the daily posts as I have really enjoyed them and want to continue on for as long as I can but if anything does change I will be definitely will be letting you guys know that I am making the transition to 5 times a week and take the weekends off or rotate every second day but that is later on to make that decision.

2) Podcasts: Everything About Reality TV- As much as I Love this podcast, this year the scheduling has been off kilter and I need to make the changes to make sure that I do indeed post it up on time and not go off schedule and that has been an issue all year long and in general to sticking to a schedule and be more of a consistent podcaster hence that is how you get and keep the viewers on the podcast. That is one of my biggest goals for 2020 as of right now.

3) Podcasts: The Power Rangers Collaboration- I know we went AWAL as crap has hit the fan for us at the end of this year and there has been nothing in the way for a second podcast so come so I hope and praying to get at least 3 out next year, January or February; June and October 2020 so that is where I am aiming and it goes back to what I said above the scheduling issue that I have had this entire year, well this has to change and change fast or I will be losing listeners on either podcast and I have stress this with my team that schedule is key. 

            So there is what is needed to be worked on in 2020 and this is a lot to honestly take in and it will not happen overnight as it will be tough challenge and I honestly consider this a part of my New Years Resolution for CBOTW as this year has been tough and not easy to deal with the scheduling being really off kilter and honestly I have done a lot better but when it came to the vacation out East and all heck broke loose and on top of that YouTube issues as I have touched in the past, I just lost my touch but when it came to this season which is all coming to an end this week I have actually been on track minus the last week or so I have been on schedule one way or another so I am keeping up on schedule and with the changes coming which I will address in January, but for now I want to make some necessary change so this way we can make this work out one way or another.


Monday, August 26, 2019

Everything About Reality TV & Power Rangers Podcast Updates!

              This is a massive update for you guys. There is a lot to say on today's post since I did not post up yesterday. This is me catching up on things. So the first thing I would like to talk about is this week. As you know I lost 9 subscribers on one of the platforms which is no big deal but it is cause of the inconsistency of posting up on time so this week is me keeping up and with saying that there is some changes for this week. I have to change one of the two days for the podcast so the schedule for the podcast this week as follows:

Wednesday: 9 pm EDT- Amazing Race Canada 7 Recap

Saturday: 9 pm EDT- Big Brother 21 Recap (Temporary for this week only, will be back to normal schedule next week due to already scheduled family outing for the day, not making the same mistake to lose more listeners.)

                   The Next update is this fall, I am taking some time off from both Everything About Reality TV Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. However with Everything About Reality TV, my good High school friend, Billy will be taking over for Survivor: Island of The Idols for me so the podcast isn't going anywhere and he will be responsible for recording the podcast each week which is only on a weekly basis on the Thursday which I will be giving you guys the official finale week schedule when we get closer into the finale of Big Brother 21 and premiere of Survivor: Island of The Idols which includes the preview podcast for Survivor which he will be doing prior to the season starting. 

                   Now the next part of this post is the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. So now I found out that the renovations for the studio will be happening very soon which ties into all of this post with both the regular and collab podcast. This break came in at the right time so I can help fix up this studio and make the changes to the new studio to what I would like to do for the changes. The position the desk is in now will be changed which you guys will see the changes through Twitter and Instagram as the progress moves on. I think I will have only one mic hooked up which more then likely will not be the condenser it will be the old handheld microphone when I pop onto Punk Rock Cheeseburger with Rocky I have that one that I can use but the setup will not all setup at the time, I will be taking some of my setup down while we renovation and fix up the walls in the studio. So this comes at the very right time to take a break from the podcasts and I have to talk to Larry about this and that we will have to hold off on our collab as I am planning right now to be recording 3 times next year, January, June and October 2020 to catch up on things but this studio reno is the upmost importance as I am sick of the mess in here. This is the updates on what to expect for CBOTW and the podcasts over the course of the next 4 - 4.5 months with work being done in here and with me taking a break from things.  


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Changes With Chris B On The Web!

            There has been a ton of drama, with a podcast that was suppose to happen this fall, which will not be happening now as they host keeps either going on strike or quitting on me so I ensure you I will not tolerate anymore of that and it is now over and the decision to continue to keep on doing solo work with Chris B On The Web and Also YouTube which will take a majority and why my crabbiness the last few days and why I haven't been active on social media in the last couple of days.  With the entire YouTube thing, I am not merely even happy with the website as I was being slabbed with copyright claims when my intro was royalty free and I was gonna do a rage post last night but decided not to due to the fact I would of said things I would of regretted. I have to be thankful for being on that platform for almost 10 years from 2008 - 2016 being short off 1.5 year from the 10 year mark when I joined. My intros are not copyright nor B-52's and the intro only runs at the beginning of the podcasts to intro the podcast and mostly ITS ME talking! Like what the heck YouTube! That is why I should of just STAYED Retired from the platform and that is what I am doing. I am staying retired and that channel is now gone. Don't worry Everything About Reality TV is still around but on Audio ONLY for right now... No plans to try another platform at the time. May stream video games on my extra time that's about it actually. 

              Now to the last bearer of bad news to this post, the Power Rangers Podcast you guys been listening to the past year now has been put on a Definite Hiatus as there is no longer a co-host. I have decided since this has happened I am now moving on but there will be other collaborations to come and I am sure people will be reaching out to me to collab for the website. I know Charlie and I have something planned for the old The CB Podcast back from 2014 - 2015, we have spoken and planning to actually do a reunion podcast down the road. Also a radio station and I been wanting to do a reunion podcast but that interest has gone away so it is on the shelf for now. However I am open to doing a collab podcast or one where we shoot the breeze on it or talk sports of whatever, please feel free to contact me on social media and we can arrange something definitely in the very near future!  With this change comes new opportunities and new podcasts for CBOTW and I am nothing but grateful for the opportunity to talk about my favorite childhood show for the short time it was on the air.