Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Changes With Chris B On The Web!

            There has been a ton of drama, with a podcast that was suppose to happen this fall, which will not be happening now as they host keeps either going on strike or quitting on me so I ensure you I will not tolerate anymore of that and it is now over and the decision to continue to keep on doing solo work with Chris B On The Web and Also YouTube which will take a majority and why my crabbiness the last few days and why I haven't been active on social media in the last couple of days.  With the entire YouTube thing, I am not merely even happy with the website as I was being slabbed with copyright claims when my intro was royalty free and I was gonna do a rage post last night but decided not to due to the fact I would of said things I would of regretted. I have to be thankful for being on that platform for almost 10 years from 2008 - 2016 being short off 1.5 year from the 10 year mark when I joined. My intros are not copyright nor B-52's and the intro only runs at the beginning of the podcasts to intro the podcast and mostly ITS ME talking! Like what the heck YouTube! That is why I should of just STAYED Retired from the platform and that is what I am doing. I am staying retired and that channel is now gone. Don't worry Everything About Reality TV is still around but on Audio ONLY for right now... No plans to try another platform at the time. May stream video games on my extra time that's about it actually. 

              Now to the last bearer of bad news to this post, the Power Rangers Podcast you guys been listening to the past year now has been put on a Definite Hiatus as there is no longer a co-host. I have decided since this has happened I am now moving on but there will be other collaborations to come and I am sure people will be reaching out to me to collab for the website. I know Charlie and I have something planned for the old The CB Podcast back from 2014 - 2015, we have spoken and planning to actually do a reunion podcast down the road. Also a radio station and I been wanting to do a reunion podcast but that interest has gone away so it is on the shelf for now. However I am open to doing a collab podcast or one where we shoot the breeze on it or talk sports of whatever, please feel free to contact me on social media and we can arrange something definitely in the very near future!  With this change comes new opportunities and new podcasts for CBOTW and I am nothing but grateful for the opportunity to talk about my favorite childhood show for the short time it was on the air. 



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