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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Current Content & Stream Schedule!

               The schedule for all content and streams as follows:

Sundays: 1 pm EST: Entertainment Man Podcast (Podcast's YouTube/Audio ONLY)

                  2:30 pm EST:  Gaming Stream (CBOTW Media YouTube)

Monday - Fridays: 11 am EST: Daily Blog

Wednesdays: 1 pm EST: Week 1- Entertainment Man Podcast (Podcast's YouTube/Audio ONLY)

                        1 pm EST: Week 2- The CBOTW Show (Audio ONLY)

Saturdays: 11 am EST: Bonus Blog

                     1 pm EST: Just Chatting Stream (CBOTW Media's Facebook & YouTube Channel)

               There is the schedule currently and I wanna talk more in the future what I am thinking but have a clearer idea what I have in my head. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Don't Know Why TheDirector015 Isn't Also Banned On YouTube....

            As you guys know we're currently banned from the YouTube platform since I really messed up telling one of my ex staff to get it banned which I will get into but what surprises me is why the heck YouTube still has my other channel is still around. I mean you would think they would realize its the same owner of the channel but I guess this really gives me a chance to download and don't think that I'm not going to get the account banned because I will be getting it removed off their website once all the content is downloaded and put onto an external hard drive and I do not want that other account on YouTube as it has become part of my past being on YouTube and now my future is Blogging and Podcasts and growing this website from the ground up and we have been doing that and work so hard on a regular basis. I just want our old YouTube channel gone down the road. Actually I got our Community Manager to start downloading the videos and transferring it to me to store away. 

             I do have a plan with those videos involving a DVD version of the episodes.  That is later though but I want anything to do with our past erased from YouTube as we're now moving onto bigger and better things. However I haven't spoken much about why and i honestly do not even know why as I'm surprised that they haven't even remotely noticed that a similar account but I will work hard to get it removed from the platform. Plus the fact it is currently unused and abandoned.  I wish I knew why they have kept that channel but in time it will be gone and a mere thing of the past as myself and the team are very much happier where we are but it don't really explain why it still exists but who knows. That will be worked on later when it is time to get it removed from their website.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

We Do Get Views on Our Content & Website!

            So with the trolls telling us get better content and they wanna help to get us more views and we already get views like 200 - 300 or more a day which adds up and we got 100K pretty fast so the numbers does add up and we actually get quite a good amount of traffic and we rather not talk about analytics too much as we do not wanna bore you guys with the details but you kind of forced us to bring up our analytics. So do not say we do not get views when we do and clearly doing very well for ourselves to this day. We continue to grow on a regular basis and we triple over the last several months with views  as we use to get 2k at the most a month on our website which was little now we get about 6 - 7K a month and we are continuing to grow on a daily basis! To be honest, this month we just got over 7k and we're 8 days from finishing up the month of September. What's next? 8K in the month of October? You never know!

             We do get views so you can stop complaining we don't get views and we have been told that in the past too. However the facts are true and we can easily print screen the analytics if we wanted to but that is for our eyes only. We may have lost a few followers here and there but followers come and go. Also we're not lying about our views gone up either and haters will hate and let em. They are jealous of our success and we have had people like that in the past and we can let them get jealous and hate us for success we have made with ChrisBOnTheWeb. We will continue to grow as a website and with our content and what not and we are nowhere near done creating content as we have another podcast in the works which you guys know what it is anyways and this will help us continue to grow as a community. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The History of The Video Projects Team

             The Video Projects Team started December 9th, 2005 at my Friday night Bowling League with Eric whom you have heard me mentioned him many times on the podcast or here on the blog. Anyways I had to do a project for High School Media class which I was just at the very tail end of my High School Career at the time. So the Project entailed talking about various attractions in our local area, mainly our hometown here which I am not mentioning the city so we do not end giving away where we are from. Anyways then we changed it to the region we are in at a later date as it became a very successful first episode despite the snow and wind. We even got to film at our own local gallery with permission of course. February 13th, 2006 a month later of him and I record we renewed the project for a full 16 episodes which we fulfilled and 3 episodes of a 2nd season which the project was cancelled in 2008. Also on January 31st, 2008 we opened our own YouTube channel to post up our projects on the internet. In the spring, I got to do a piece about my High School which I know I got a copy of the episode laying around and need to edit it and maybe re-burn it to a DVD.  However that series Chris Travels To Historic Places went all the way to June. The Entertainment Man Talk Show which as you guys know by my posts in the past, it ran 6 seasons. The series Started May 23rd, 2008 and ran on the team all the way to the end. Also did some Friends of The Entertainment Man, The CBO Show, w.e it was called back in the day, behind the scenes were all done in the span from 2008 - 2014. Also took a hiatus from the team and did post the odd video from time to time during my time in college studying my butt off.

           Now the team was around for almost 10 year mark before the team ended but in 2009 and 2010 we lost a ton of staff and that was just the start of issues. in 2011 and 2013 we added to the team, Justin and Larry. in 2013 we lost another staff and in 2014 after speaking to the last 2 staff we had, we talked about going to a different channel or on our own and abandoned the team to me being more on my own. They both agreed and to help me even past this transition stages and on November 13th, 2014, The Video Projects Team became the past history for me as I was moving into a brand new ERA for me and what we had left on the team. Also I need to make a point we also did cast from Stickam, BlogTV, JTV and those kind of websites from 2009 all the way into 2014. Now in the next post I will be covering the history of Chris B On The Web and even the history to this day as CBOTW is still going strong after 5 years on the internet. 


Friday, January 3, 2020

Plans & Changes For CBOTW...

            With 2020 here, I am making changes to CBOTW that will impact the future of the website. Not easy to say this but since I pre-written the content post but there has been more to it all and here is my thought process:

1) CBOTW Gamers Podcast: It was talked about and honestly with the way we are going through hosts so much recently, I think at this time it is best for myself and the CBOTW Staff to just move on and continue on with the 3 podcasts that we have going on Everything About Reality TV, Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and The Sports Hour W/ Billy. Honestly we have been through the thick and thin and I think it is just time we put this podcast on the shelf once and for all as I just feel like it is not going to work and we have tried too many times to revive after the first host so I think this is just not going to work out honestly and it has been tried too many times and failed time and time again and it has been a turning endless wheel for this podcast and I can be honest, I have given up with trying on this podcast and honestly it is just time to give up on it and work with what is working for us which is the 3 I mentioned.

2) Everything About Reality TV: With the additional host, Jasmine added on we here in the Main Studio or CBOTW HQ have been working on a side projects where you will once again have the ability to listen to the podcast also on the website as well. This goes for any other podcasts that is currently on the rotation here on the website. This will take us some time to get done but it will be all done in due time and were excited to be bringing this feature back to the website after about a year of it not being physically on the website and only the links that you seen for the last almost year.

              There is what is on my mind right now and a ton of new stuff coming and I told you guys 2020 was going to be crazy with new stuff and features to the website even old features that have made it's return to and this is only the start for us and I cannot wait for you what is in-stored. Also as you can tell Steven has finally started with the blog and will be covering the Gordon Ramsey shows from Masterchef, Masterchef Junior to Gordon Ramsey 24 Hours To Hell and Back to Hell's Kitchen. It is very exciting news to be adding him to the blogging team.That is a few bits of what is coming but I will explain more as the year goes on and announcements as they see to fit. Cannot wait to keep telling you guys what is going as there is a couple of things still yet to be announced but in time you guys will know. You know a bit but not all the details but like I said you will know more very, very soon! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Struggling To Figure Out When I Want To Return Or Trying To Get Work Done..

            I was suppose to be back in the studio Friday to get the Collaboration Podcast done and I realize that the collab has to be finished up if we are indeed to actually record which I will be announcing some of that come New Years.  However I need to get back into the saddle and if I can today I will be in some O/T (Overtime) today and get some of it done but we will see how I feel and what is on tap as I am honestly not sure what is happening today and all I know is I have to get the bus pass for the month of January which I totally forgotten about yesterday but yet again I slept in very, very late and in bed very, very early last night and up early to try and get some things done. I need to stay on schedule if I can but I haven't. I've been re-addicted to Minecraft again and built a new community on there with my niece and nephew but I need to realize I can play with them when their here and I haven't done much and been playing games lately. However a break for me is good thing as I have been going non stop this year and I think a break is good, not too long but a small break here and there. You know me I have to be doing something with my time and sitting around going nothing, I am not one to be sitting around not doing anything and by the time you see this I probably ended up having a bunch of them done and ready to go over the next couple of days.

             However today is going to be definitely a test for me to see if I can start working on things and I think I will definitely be getting things done for CBOTW today. I need to just stop diddly daddling around playing video games and just get back to the task at hand. Honestly the work will not get finished on it's own and takes a lot of man power and man hours to get the notes done especially on a one 44 - 45 episode season and a 40 episode season so that is like 84 - 85 episodes to watch and a lot of hours of watching and trust me it is worth it in the end. The actual end goal is to try and be done the remainder of the seasons between January and end of August 2020 so all we really have to do moving forward is record and trust me I will be ahead for 2021 too, I just want to get ahead a little bit and what the heck am I saying?! I wanna get way ahead so non of this garbage of "oh I am not ready to record yet, Larry crap" happens again. Too much has happened in the last almost 3 months now where things kept being delayed. This is a good stride I am making and just wanna keep going with it and get it recorded on schedule. It is a big goal for me in 2020 that's for sure!


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Yes I Still Around The YouTube Community!

              First of all yes! I am still around the YouTube Community even though I am now closing into 2 years since I left the platform as a content creator.  However I am still active on YouTube as a fan, I cannot comment on videos as I do not have an active channel however I can like videos that I enjoy watching but I am still around YouTube since I walked away from the platform as a content creator. I still get to enjoy my favorite creators such as KidBehindACamera, McJuggernuggets, Boogie2988, Daym Drops and so for. I had a goal in my mind to remain a loyal subscriber to those whom I am subscribed to. I've noticed I have subscribed to a few other YouTubers who are well known in the community, while also subscribed to a few Big Brother Canada former Houseguests, Kevin Martin, Pili, Peter and also Bruno as well. 

               I may not be putting out content to you guys on YouTube since I am now Podcasting on Audio ONLY and also this blog that you guys are reading right now, I have come to terms that my time with YouTube has come to an end and I am very much happier where I am to this day. Still being a part of the community it made me realize I left at the right time and I am happy I left when I did but I am there but more in spirit as I cannot really show it by comment but can show it by slapping a like to the videos I watch and enjoy. 

             Since my departure from YouTube, it has changed so much since I left, the Adpocalypse, the Family Friendly content, YouTube has changed so drastically and I thought it was always about the creators but seems now it seems to be about the advertising on videos. I can understand all that has gone on with the platform but it is different from when I started back on January 31st, 2008 which yes I realize this year it has been 10 years on YouTube officially and I never really spoken about 10 years on YouTube but that will be on a separate post later on this week. Finally I will never forget the people I met, the amazing supporters and fans I had on the platforms, the haters, the jealous people. It was home to one of the most amazing series I created and I will never forget that ever for the rest of my life.