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Monday, January 16, 2023

Letter To Larry Slow To Arrive!

                   Well, a week and a half ago, I sent a letter with information pertaining to the collab which I have no problem with saying what it is as you know this is an ongoing project. Anyways, what I was told it never showed and this is a week and a half but you have to remember this is normal mail not express mail to sending things to him whatsoever. So it is strange but maybe it came on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and I should of told him about that inbound to his place. 

              If it didn't show up then, then snail mail and I reminded myself regular mail is slower especially since holidays have only been over a few weeks now and I will know when it arrives I'm sure he will be sure to tell me and let me know that it actually arrived. You would think it'd arrive as technically it is only one town over so it really should of actually not taken that long to arrive to the next town over but if it hasn't arrived then it is still in transit to his place. I'm more worried I put the return address too big and his not big enough but we'll see. However that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow!




Saturday, November 21, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Ramble...

            I am not being negative but I am trying the hardest I can to get the notes written then  type em and I don't care if I have to go to bed early and up during the nights and up the entire day I will fight to the tooth to get these notes done. Why you think this podcast is going on hiatus? We are so behind schedule right now, it's not even funny anymore and I have had thoughts of just ending this collab but I made a promise for one more year of the collab and I meant it and even if this means putting it off till June or July and yes I say that like I have a plan moving forward and I do have a plan. So am I feeling frustrated with this collab? Well I am frustrated the fact that one thing after another seems to be a problem from editing the current collab to fixing the website with issues with in the last week and haven't been up to watching Ninja Storm which isn't a lot of work really. I am sitting back enjoying watching a Television show. There should be not a single problem and as of this morning writing this post, I am at EP 10 of 38 so I am making good tracks and if I can get up to 20 or 25 episodes then I will be good. 

                I know I am whining a little bit  and I am just merely felt frustrated with this collab and ready to tell Larry I am seriously contemplating quitting the collab as it has become too much but I know he would get me to reverse my decision very quickly as I know when I tell him the butt kissing begins. To be very honest, we are now going on 2.5 years of this podcast and I see us continuing on to our goal which is Super Ninja Steel which you guys did not know that piece of information and yes I am exposing everything that is going on with the Podcast and I am fine with it because you guys deserve to know how I am feeling and the fact I am feeling frustrated with this podcast. I know in the end it will be all fine when the podcast is on hiatus and I start pumping out season notes for the entire year of 2021 while we are on this hiatus and hopefully this corrects any of the issues. Don't forget we do this 3 times a year and takes time to prep for each and every one. I know I have mentioned the fact it will be down to 38 episodes a season then eventually 32 episodes a season so it will be becoming easier eventually just gotta be a little more patient then I have been recently. 


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Not Too Happy and Confused About The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack!

              This game seems to get more and more complicated and this is what I am going to be talking about in today's post. Now yes I consider this a "Rant" post and honestly I haven't done one of these in ages! So it does feel good to be doing this post indeed. Anyways I do not know where to start honestly so here it goes:

1) Sims starting fires:   Makes no sense I turn my back for one second and the damn Sims 4 house is on fire and the death of one or more. After all the hard work I put into the file all hell breaks loose but those are the breaks I guess.

2) Drowning of Sims: I was watching the back of the house and the poor kids drowned so easily and not sure why this is happening and starting to think this video game is just glitched all together.

3) Sims University: This is a big one for the list which is when applying to University you can only do it via  a computer and on The Sims 3, you can do it via phone too if I remember correctly. The next point I would like to make is the fact that it takes a long time for them to accept a sim into university and you also have to have the skills for certain scholarships which I don't have with one of my Sims, Katherine. However I am sure Larry will be able to help me with the game one way or another but I got her into university but failed at a step so I might have to retrace my steps again.

              Either way, I have having a hard time with the game but I am sure I will figure it out eventually. I just got this game and it is a learning curve for me still and like I said Larry is the expert at these games compare to I am. Anyways this expansion pack comes a ton more fun for me and also the game and when I get time which will be very soon I am sure it will be soon but I will have the opportunity to play a bit and this Sunday is definitely going to be a prime example as Larry is coming over. Now to replace the Sims who have passed, I probably will replace them with a new set of sims down the road but I am currently running 11 households so I sure as heck have a lot on my plate still. Hope you enjoyed my ramble or rant and I think Steven is posting or has posted up something this morning or this afternoon recapping Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back.


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Struggling To Figure Out When I Want To Return Or Trying To Get Work Done..

            I was suppose to be back in the studio Friday to get the Collaboration Podcast done and I realize that the collab has to be finished up if we are indeed to actually record which I will be announcing some of that come New Years.  However I need to get back into the saddle and if I can today I will be in some O/T (Overtime) today and get some of it done but we will see how I feel and what is on tap as I am honestly not sure what is happening today and all I know is I have to get the bus pass for the month of January which I totally forgotten about yesterday but yet again I slept in very, very late and in bed very, very early last night and up early to try and get some things done. I need to stay on schedule if I can but I haven't. I've been re-addicted to Minecraft again and built a new community on there with my niece and nephew but I need to realize I can play with them when their here and I haven't done much and been playing games lately. However a break for me is good thing as I have been going non stop this year and I think a break is good, not too long but a small break here and there. You know me I have to be doing something with my time and sitting around going nothing, I am not one to be sitting around not doing anything and by the time you see this I probably ended up having a bunch of them done and ready to go over the next couple of days.

             However today is going to be definitely a test for me to see if I can start working on things and I think I will definitely be getting things done for CBOTW today. I need to just stop diddly daddling around playing video games and just get back to the task at hand. Honestly the work will not get finished on it's own and takes a lot of man power and man hours to get the notes done especially on a one 44 - 45 episode season and a 40 episode season so that is like 84 - 85 episodes to watch and a lot of hours of watching and trust me it is worth it in the end. The actual end goal is to try and be done the remainder of the seasons between January and end of August 2020 so all we really have to do moving forward is record and trust me I will be ahead for 2021 too, I just want to get ahead a little bit and what the heck am I saying?! I wanna get way ahead so non of this garbage of "oh I am not ready to record yet, Larry crap" happens again. Too much has happened in the last almost 3 months now where things kept being delayed. This is a good stride I am making and just wanna keep going with it and get it recorded on schedule. It is a big goal for me in 2020 that's for sure!