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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

My Sims 4 Big Brother House Was Repo'd Apparently!

 I  was playing my Sims recently and I went back to the Sims 4 Big Brother House to find no lights, no furniture, nothing! I thought well they repo'd all our crap that I built the house from the ground up with the help of Larry in the process. I believe if I remember My Sims has done 4 seasons so far before a lengthy hiatus. The House even had just the dry walls up. It was ridiculous and just dark. Even the crew which was my guy till he died from either old age or an fire in the house on The Sims 4. However the daughter took over and now it's Justin and yes Justin from my former team at one point of my YouTube career from 2011 - 2017. Anyways he's running the building now and we went into a total remodel and fix up. I got the lights back up but had to take some down due to a minor fix where you can see from the second floor so I managed to get it covered and redid the railing and what not. Also the Mirror's were repo'd too that act like  a two way mirror in the game of Big Brother. Same with the chairs in the studio had to be replaced. Redid the HOH Room, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Also redid the entire backyard and added back lights, the hot tub in the hot tub area as well. TV's were added back couch's and the kitchen remodeled and added a half wall instead which looks pretty awesome. Pantry is back to what it was and the dining room tables were back.  There is still some work to be done. I did  mention the HOH, however it isn't completely finished and I do not think the toilets are back in the main bathroom yet. Also Justin's bed, bathroom, TV, couch, kitchenette with stove and fridge and sink and counters are to be added before I start the 5th season of The Sims 4 Big Brother. I guess TS4BB for short.    I do not know why the heck we lost all our stuff honestly. I guess we didn't pay our bills in time, so they got peeved off at us. Yea we're running a big operation with that building and costs us a lot per bill that we get sometimes 30 - 40 thousand dollars and we almost ran out of money. We're like at 4 grand left in the bank and dunno how we will run this season. Might have to remove everything and abandon the 5th season due to financial woes. Which would be a definite downfall. Gotta get him to work a bit to raise some money so we can get this season off the ground really. We'll see I gotta try and finish up the house first which mind you was stripped to the bare bones but gotten a ton of work done to the big house however it comes down to $$$$ in the end. I know I could use the cheat code and I gave myself a bit of money but honestly wasn't enough and I rather go the legit way so sounds like this is going to be held off or just cancelled all together but keep your fingers crossed. I do not think anyone would move into that building anyways as it costs too much money honestly.  Larry and I made quite an expensive building.  Anyways I call that a Sims 4 first where they repo'd my stuff and we weren't even in the building but their own house they own.  It is what it is and going to try and fix the issue.

- Chris

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Got 2 New Games On Steam and 2 Expansions For Sims 4!

                   I know the title seems complicated but I will explain to you guys what I mean. First let's start with Steam; For those who don't know, Steam is a site where you can get video games on. I haven't really gotten much in the way of games and been busy with cleaning out games that I really hit a brick wall on. However recently I have picked up Euro Truck Simulator 2 which is a relaxing game and not much stress to it minus getting speeding tickets all the time but I will get to a point where I follow the damn speed limit. Also I have started to get use to driving on the opposite side, however when I get into France it is back to the normal side the way we have it here in Canada and the USA but getting there tho with some of the changes. I like spending a couple of hours driving but obviously get tired of it after a while and already failed borrowing 100k as I ended up in the hole after buying a truck so I reset and trying all over again and doing a lot better then before. Anyways the other game on Steam is Pooligans which is a game where you can play with other people around the world. I actually got a win yesterday as the other person decided to quit on me and I had his number too as I had more balls sank in the game then ever and I know you guys probably be a smartbutt with me on what I just said... LOL

                  Finally as you guys know I have been working a lot on The Sims 4 and been getting my hours together. I bought Laundry Day and Fitness packs I guess you would say and I wanted to due to the fact that the house I created which took Larry and I hours to build but I felt like the one spot in the bathroom up in the upper floor had no Laundry like any other Big Brother has. Also I got a bit more options now in the way of fitness and I can actually put up a climbing wall which I am going to utilize in a normal house setting but I am excited either way to have the expansion and the new games and honestly it will keep me busy when I am not loaded with work which right now I am loaded with work at this moment but when I get less stuff to do, I will get to play but hey I am busy bee and keeps my boredom under control but I have been spending time with my family on my spare time and trying to get my sleep back under control.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

I Built My Own Big Brother House On The Sims 4

             I recently built with Larry's help the Sims 4 Big Brother house and yes I added in HOH, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom and honestly it really looks like the Big Brother Canada House in a strange way but I changed a few things around. Had issues with lighting but now it has theater like lights that remains. Mind you there is no houseguests in this house at the moment as I just finished a few weeks in game time of the game of Big Brother. Honestly it took Larry and I to build this hours and after he left I continued to improve it and I managed to tweak it down to size. It was way to big and still is very much too big but seems to work well for me.

               I have done 2 seasons and already had to expel 2 people in 2 different seasons for some how escaping the house. I had one sim pregnant but was evicted. The first season I did in that house I had no Have Not Room and I had to break walls to add it into the house.  Mind you I purposely put the lights on so you can see what the space looks like but again there is nobody in there but my guy who runs that entire house.  Either way it was a lot of work and I added in Fitness and Laundry Day extra and now the upstairs bathroom has a laundry feature. Had a few fires already but realized the issue was the sims was cleaning the lint trap while it was running so I figured out the issue. I am excited for redesigning the next house but taking a small break and in a normal house where my guy and his family have which ironically is next door to the big house. One last thing when I have 8 full people in the house which is the limit in the game, it's worth over $300,000 which is the most expensive house I have built to date on this game. Either way I have kept myself busy during my time in self isolation and yes I do not work non stop, I do take breaks from time to time.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Not Too Happy and Confused About The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack!

              This game seems to get more and more complicated and this is what I am going to be talking about in today's post. Now yes I consider this a "Rant" post and honestly I haven't done one of these in ages! So it does feel good to be doing this post indeed. Anyways I do not know where to start honestly so here it goes:

1) Sims starting fires:   Makes no sense I turn my back for one second and the damn Sims 4 house is on fire and the death of one or more. After all the hard work I put into the file all hell breaks loose but those are the breaks I guess.

2) Drowning of Sims: I was watching the back of the house and the poor kids drowned so easily and not sure why this is happening and starting to think this video game is just glitched all together.

3) Sims University: This is a big one for the list which is when applying to University you can only do it via  a computer and on The Sims 3, you can do it via phone too if I remember correctly. The next point I would like to make is the fact that it takes a long time for them to accept a sim into university and you also have to have the skills for certain scholarships which I don't have with one of my Sims, Katherine. However I am sure Larry will be able to help me with the game one way or another but I got her into university but failed at a step so I might have to retrace my steps again.

              Either way, I have having a hard time with the game but I am sure I will figure it out eventually. I just got this game and it is a learning curve for me still and like I said Larry is the expert at these games compare to I am. Anyways this expansion pack comes a ton more fun for me and also the game and when I get time which will be very soon I am sure it will be soon but I will have the opportunity to play a bit and this Sunday is definitely going to be a prime example as Larry is coming over. Now to replace the Sims who have passed, I probably will replace them with a new set of sims down the road but I am currently running 11 households so I sure as heck have a lot on my plate still. Hope you enjoyed my ramble or rant and I think Steven is posting or has posted up something this morning or this afternoon recapping Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours To Hell and Back.


Monday, January 6, 2020

Games I Wanna Get Most Definitely!

               Today, I am getting myself The Sims 4: University expansion and I was waiting honestly but with the recent sale going on with Origin, I am getting the gift card today for Origin and I left early today before meeting Eric today for the first time in 2020 since before Christmas holidays. I am honestly excited to get this since finding out that they have come out with this version of the game since The Sims 3 and honestly I was really hoping that they would do a version of this game and I am going to try and play a bit of it later on in the evening before bed and excited to send the kids on the Sims 4 to University but maybe even my sim should. However I need to re do majority of the households I am currently and there will be a ton of fires or what I will probably end up doing is erasing all the households that I made and start over from the start again but again I haven't been on the game in quite some time since I have been busy working on things for the website right now and trust me when all is said and done, I do plan on playing a bit once some of the podcasts are done for off season and I have officially started typing up the Power Rangers Podcast but right now things are a bit busy but I am sure Sunday, when Larry is here we will be playing it a ton as he will be excited I got the expansion Pack.

                 This is probably the best time to get the game as I said it is currently on sale but I may just  saved over 60 bucks for a video game which is good and I am glad it was on sale and came at the right time when I wanted to get the game. I always wait to see if there is a very special price I will definitely look into getting it. Also I may as well say this as well, I am looking into getting NHL 12 for the PC so I can play with my niece and/or Nephew but I looked at it and Amazon and it costs almost 140 bucks Canadian, however, I looked further and I messaged a gaming store locally see if they had it and the price so I hope I will be in luck and when you are reading this I haven't gotten a new message yet and hopefully I will by the late afternoon but again these posts are done early mornings or ahead of time depending on our schedule. Anyways these are the games I wanna get and in time I will definitely have both of the games but for right now I am primarily focusing on The Sims 4 at the moment.


Friday, November 15, 2019

Games I Bought and Games I Want To Get in 2020!

             Well it is time for an update on games I am now playing and games I want to play which there is a few on my list now that is a must play at this moment. There was some that are or were on the list kind of now have been put on the wayside at this moment but I am sure I will one day down the road, re look at the games that I haven't gotten and probably break down and get one day. Anyways here is the list of games I am currently playing and I would like the play down the road:

Want To Play:

1)  DayZ- A Zombie like game and I saw a streamer playing this game and I instantly fell in love with the game and love the idea of beating up zombies in the middle of the day time! 

2) The Outerworlds- Pretty cool game, watching Rocky, Owner of Punk Rock Cheeseburger play this playthough and looking forward to it's release in 2020 on Steam. 

3) The Sims 4- University Expansion Pack- Been waiting for this day to come for a very long time and I have discussed this with Larry and it is definitely on my list of video games to get especially in the New Year I want to put some money to the side and actually get this expansion pack and take the game to a whole new level!

4) Call of Duty 2- Played the first one and did try playing the second but seemed to get stuck at the start of the game and probably cause my aiming plain old stunk but now playing Warface which below you will see it mentioned below.

Playing Right Now:

1) WarFace- Still playing the game when I can but haven't loaded it up in about a week tonight so I am probably at Day 1 for rewards yet again so I will have to load it up and get the reward first thing tomorrow morning when I get a quick sec to do that.

2) The Sims 4- Always will be playing this game till I get bored but as I said I am looking into getting The University Expansion Pack in the New Year and it will go into a whole new level for the current households that I have up and running right now. 

3) Dead Before Daylight- Love this game and getting the niche. I haven't had time to play it but I am going to have a ton of time between Late December and the time the new podcast which you guys do not know yet but details are coming very soon, sooner then you know it.

4) Life Is Strange- Playing the original and again this goes back to me having no time to play right now but I am enjoying it and I think I got every single episode so I need to make time to play. 

5) The Binding of Isaac- Trying to finish up this game finally and it has been a very long wait to finish as I have been  stuck at a certain spot in the game but I keep on trying and I have gotten far but so far but no success at completing challenges or with the different characters.