Monday, January 6, 2020

Games I Wanna Get Most Definitely!

               Today, I am getting myself The Sims 4: University expansion and I was waiting honestly but with the recent sale going on with Origin, I am getting the gift card today for Origin and I left early today before meeting Eric today for the first time in 2020 since before Christmas holidays. I am honestly excited to get this since finding out that they have come out with this version of the game since The Sims 3 and honestly I was really hoping that they would do a version of this game and I am going to try and play a bit of it later on in the evening before bed and excited to send the kids on the Sims 4 to University but maybe even my sim should. However I need to re do majority of the households I am currently and there will be a ton of fires or what I will probably end up doing is erasing all the households that I made and start over from the start again but again I haven't been on the game in quite some time since I have been busy working on things for the website right now and trust me when all is said and done, I do plan on playing a bit once some of the podcasts are done for off season and I have officially started typing up the Power Rangers Podcast but right now things are a bit busy but I am sure Sunday, when Larry is here we will be playing it a ton as he will be excited I got the expansion Pack.

                 This is probably the best time to get the game as I said it is currently on sale but I may just  saved over 60 bucks for a video game which is good and I am glad it was on sale and came at the right time when I wanted to get the game. I always wait to see if there is a very special price I will definitely look into getting it. Also I may as well say this as well, I am looking into getting NHL 12 for the PC so I can play with my niece and/or Nephew but I looked at it and Amazon and it costs almost 140 bucks Canadian, however, I looked further and I messaged a gaming store locally see if they had it and the price so I hope I will be in luck and when you are reading this I haven't gotten a new message yet and hopefully I will by the late afternoon but again these posts are done early mornings or ahead of time depending on our schedule. Anyways these are the games I wanna get and in time I will definitely have both of the games but for right now I am primarily focusing on The Sims 4 at the moment.


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