Saturday, January 4, 2020

Did I Accomplish Everything In 2019?

             I forgot to mention this in my year end year in review and the question I am posing to myself is did I accomplish everything I wanted this year? Yes of course I did! I will list them in this post today.

1) Everything About Reality TV- I successfully covered the second season of Music City on CMT and it was clearly in the plan soon as I heard about it returning for the second season of the series which now we do not know what the plan is for the series at this moment as we are waiting on a renewal from CMT and I can honestly tell you I really do not know what to expect as I haven't been in touch with them in almost a year but have that grim hope it will come back but again I still was able to manage to cover both season 1 and season 2. Also covered the second season of Celebrity Big Brother which was a huge success for being the first and only time that we covered the show before they decided to not renew it this season. The podcast we set out on everything we wanted to minus one thing which I will mention after at the end of this post.

2) Website Growth- Successfully reached the 50k mark on the website which is entirely amazing and ever since we got the growth we have seen a massive growth and currently at the 62k mark and this year we could see the 100k mark this year within or past the 1 year mark so it is so astonishing honestly and excited to see what is next for CBOTW this year moving forward.

3) Power Rangers Collaboration- Might of not gotten 2 of them done but still the viewership was up and you guys know it is twice a year as my schedule is busy between February and end of May with Everything About Reality TV but in the end as long as the numbers are steady that is what really matters. It is indeed a numbers game for us here at CBOTW and the views stay up then we will continue on as Larry has told me and I haven't given him the numbers but should next time hes here a week tomorrow.

4) Being Self-Employed- Finally get to do this as a job as I have started to earn money with the website

           In the end  I believe I achieved all the goals I set out and last year was amazing but the only thing that I failed to achieve with CBOTW is the Big Brother 21 Recaps, I mean I did do it but then gave up near the end of the season as things got out of control. However this year I know it will be a great year with a new "podcast" joining the ranks at some point this year which no confirmation as of yet and also the addition of Jasmine for Everything About Reality TV there are more goals set for this year and even Steven has joined the team so this team is becoming bigger and honestly I think we have all the team that we need at this moment.


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