Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Last Few Days Hasn't Been Easy!

             Yesterday and today, hasn't been easy for me, from dealing with drama which I certainly do not need the extra stress on me to this morning working most of the night and fixing the feed for the podcast I have seen it all. All I was doing was getting a drink when some drama which I will not talk about but the day I had 16,100 + steps as well which is probably one of my all time bests since getting the fitbit. Anyways that was not the only thing that went on was seeing my ex staff in long time. On top of that bus driver being miserable and trust me I had some comments I made and of course Eric, being Eric laughing at my remarks I was making and this year I have noticed I am or have become more of a clown in person and I have noticed even despite the moods been up and down so far this year I still seem to make remarks and I seem to be more sarcastic at times as well. Yesterday I wasn't having it and maybe I just gotta get back into the swing of things with being out and about as over the holidays I was at home most of the time and rarely got out and about minus walks around in my area.

               Now this morning, well one of the episodes had the new intro that I changed in September but I wanted to make sure it was back to before the 12th season of the podcast with my voice. It wouldn't let me change so I had to re-upload the last 3 episodes on the feed which by the time you see this post it should be updated and up to date. Speaking of up to date or updates; we're getting further in the Everything About Reality TV Page and yesterday or the day before that, we ran into issues with the code on the page so I started to tinker with it change the code around and I figured out and now we are on a good pace at this point and hope to get it done by the weekend hence the off schedule of posts recently where I go very quiet on Social well between 6 pm and Midnight EST, I am more then likely in bed early and up during the night so you can see the pattern of my sleeping habits right now are different and hopefully soon I will get back to a normal pattern but that may not be for a few weeks now as there is a ton of work to be done. Today may have been a rocky start but it will pick up I am sure.


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