Thursday, March 19, 2020

I Built My Own Big Brother House On The Sims 4

             I recently built with Larry's help the Sims 4 Big Brother house and yes I added in HOH, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom and honestly it really looks like the Big Brother Canada House in a strange way but I changed a few things around. Had issues with lighting but now it has theater like lights that remains. Mind you there is no houseguests in this house at the moment as I just finished a few weeks in game time of the game of Big Brother. Honestly it took Larry and I to build this hours and after he left I continued to improve it and I managed to tweak it down to size. It was way to big and still is very much too big but seems to work well for me.

               I have done 2 seasons and already had to expel 2 people in 2 different seasons for some how escaping the house. I had one sim pregnant but was evicted. The first season I did in that house I had no Have Not Room and I had to break walls to add it into the house.  Mind you I purposely put the lights on so you can see what the space looks like but again there is nobody in there but my guy who runs that entire house.  Either way it was a lot of work and I added in Fitness and Laundry Day extra and now the upstairs bathroom has a laundry feature. Had a few fires already but realized the issue was the sims was cleaning the lint trap while it was running so I figured out the issue. I am excited for redesigning the next house but taking a small break and in a normal house where my guy and his family have which ironically is next door to the big house. One last thing when I have 8 full people in the house which is the limit in the game, it's worth over $300,000 which is the most expensive house I have built to date on this game. Either way I have kept myself busy during my time in self isolation and yes I do not work non stop, I do take breaks from time to time.


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