Friday, March 20, 2020

Thoughts On This Season of Big Brother Canada, Season 8?

               I honestly have a lot to say about this season of Big Brother Canada as it has been a really insane last few weeks. First we saw the self eviction of Nico who didn't want to stay due to mental health and I understand that but wish he'd stay to try and fight at least. Then we had a regular week but without the audience, just Arisa in the studio. Which I totally understand why with the Corona Virus (COVID19) going around. I wasn't planning to actually to go into Toronto for an eviction unless things slowed down but at this point I will not be going and plus the audience has been suspended so I will watch from here at home and watch the drama unfold. Now bringing into this week to hear Jamar was ejected, expelled whatever you want to call it, please correct me in the comments below but due to things said which I rather not repeat it they were both removed from the house and this brings us into this week to the HOH where they are in sleeping bags and hanging on a bar which we find out on Sunday's episode so please no spoilers in the comments below.

                 Honestly I have mixed feelings about this season as everything that can go wrong can go wrong, like I said self eviction to 2 expulsions and this virus going around right now is making me worried they will just cancel the rest of this season or just stop and I just really do not know where this season is going to, especially with the virus Pandemic right now I just got a very weird vibe they may end up stopping the game. Let's hope not as I love Big Brother Canada dearly but I just feel like they could of held it off even till early June and yes I realize it would over lap the US but they could of done it in the fall too but we will have to really wait and see what this season becomes. Jamar situation I feel like Kyle started this entirely but now both gone, I still feel like Jamar could of not said anything and things probably be completely different and Kyle could of been the only one. Either way the game moves forward and I understand the frustration by all you guys the fans and I am really being heartfelt in my message about the season in this post. The game moves forward and we are hitting a reset and we will see who wins HOH Sunday to those who do not look at the spoilers. I am going to try and enjoy it but kind of giving up on this season with so many things going on, I feel like they need to just stop and try Big Brother Canada Season 9 like Kevin said on his Twitter and I totally agree with him maybe that is the best thing to do but hey gotta stay optimistic right? 

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