Wednesday, March 18, 2020

5 Years Ago I Was An Mess

             5 years ago, we lost my aunt whom I was so close to. Both of my aunt Maria and aunt Margaret, I was close to. I think I should of not been casting at the time and taken some personal time off. Because it was a disaster of a night on March 27th, 2015, from someone putting me down to me doing self harm and being banned. I think that was the point of me hanging up my casting shoes but as you know I went straight to Twitch for gaming which didn't last that long really. You know I think of it now, I should of just stayed off for a while and I am sure my listeners would of understood why I went off. Either way 5 years later, I feel sad but I am just remembering the memories and some of the memories is trying Thai food for the very first time and boy I really enjoyed it. The lunches I went over there was one of my favorite weeks as I went every second week for lunch with Afternoon visits on the other weeks. Funny thing to mention my aunt as yesterday morning at 3 am the alarm went off and with today being the 5 year since she passed kind of thinking either of my aunts pulling a practical joke as I woke up to it at 3 am yesterday morning.

              I realize and know being close to a loved one like my aunts, grandma, I knew I was going to be in for a rough time and we all deal with loss of a loved one differently and I guess I lost it entirely and even to this day I regret it but now I know she's proud of me for what I have done with my life, becoming who I am, a better man. Also healthier person, mentally. Anyways I am going to have my favorite drink this afternoon and just sit back and remember some of the good times. Sorry for a short post but better then nothing. I do still miss my aunt but I can always remember the good times I had with her and my other aunts. Also there is pictures that we have I can always look at as we got a ton of pictures of both of em both at the old house in Toronto and also here in my region.


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