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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Life is Strange Video Game (Never Finished The Game 😞)

                 The title never lies, I never finished the original Life is Strange video game as I got stuck and just gave up on it entirely. I wish I somehow figured out how to beat it and this game isn't the first of many games I never finished. Here is a list of games I did not finish:

  • Spelunky
  • Spelunky 2
  • Life Is Strange
  • The Walking Dead
  • Call of Duty 2
              Those are are the games that I did not finish and perhaps I should pick it up again soon as I enjoy those games and with a bit of tutorials. Originally this post is suppose to be a video game review of Life Is Strange but as I said right now that isn't the fact due to me not playing the game as I've walked away and there are other games that I probably cannot remember the title of the game that I have quit playing but Hopefully this is a glimmer of hope for me to pick up some of these games again down the road. However I am not going to be playing these games till I get into the right frame of mine on the videos games. I also have to get into the mood to play the game and to let you guys know I do have the games still, just installed in on my computer at this moment. There is my post for today and when I have a review, I will most definitely do a review. I like Life is Strange but seem to have been stumped and I can say this, this game is really good, it makes you think at all times during the game which gives it the challenge in the game itself.


Friday, November 15, 2019

Games I Bought and Games I Want To Get in 2020!

             Well it is time for an update on games I am now playing and games I want to play which there is a few on my list now that is a must play at this moment. There was some that are or were on the list kind of now have been put on the wayside at this moment but I am sure I will one day down the road, re look at the games that I haven't gotten and probably break down and get one day. Anyways here is the list of games I am currently playing and I would like the play down the road:

Want To Play:

1)  DayZ- A Zombie like game and I saw a streamer playing this game and I instantly fell in love with the game and love the idea of beating up zombies in the middle of the day time! 

2) The Outerworlds- Pretty cool game, watching Rocky, Owner of Punk Rock Cheeseburger play this playthough and looking forward to it's release in 2020 on Steam. 

3) The Sims 4- University Expansion Pack- Been waiting for this day to come for a very long time and I have discussed this with Larry and it is definitely on my list of video games to get especially in the New Year I want to put some money to the side and actually get this expansion pack and take the game to a whole new level!

4) Call of Duty 2- Played the first one and did try playing the second but seemed to get stuck at the start of the game and probably cause my aiming plain old stunk but now playing Warface which below you will see it mentioned below.

Playing Right Now:

1) WarFace- Still playing the game when I can but haven't loaded it up in about a week tonight so I am probably at Day 1 for rewards yet again so I will have to load it up and get the reward first thing tomorrow morning when I get a quick sec to do that.

2) The Sims 4- Always will be playing this game till I get bored but as I said I am looking into getting The University Expansion Pack in the New Year and it will go into a whole new level for the current households that I have up and running right now. 

3) Dead Before Daylight- Love this game and getting the niche. I haven't had time to play it but I am going to have a ton of time between Late December and the time the new podcast which you guys do not know yet but details are coming very soon, sooner then you know it.

4) Life Is Strange- Playing the original and again this goes back to me having no time to play right now but I am enjoying it and I think I got every single episode so I need to make time to play. 

5) The Binding of Isaac- Trying to finish up this game finally and it has been a very long wait to finish as I have been  stuck at a certain spot in the game but I keep on trying and I have gotten far but so far but no success at completing challenges or with the different characters.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Games I Would Like To Play This Year!

            To be quite honest, I have been delaying and delaying this post as I had other ideas I wanted to get out there first and finally posting this up and I wish I posted this up the second day of January but I didn't. Anyways into this post I am going to talk about games I would like to play this year. I got one of the games, Farming Simulator 19 and every time I bought a piece of equipment, my guy lost so much money and I looked it up and really found nothing honestly or answers to the fix. The game was nothing like Farming Simulator 17 and I was not impressed whatsoever. Here is a list of the games I want to play or have started:

1.   The Messenger, I watched Dan Gheesling from Big Brother 10 which he won that season & Big Brother 14 which he was the runner up for the season. I first did not really understand it but I gave it another shot and instantly loved the game and currently playing it on my spare time when I have spare time.

2.  Call of Duty 2, I have played Call of Duty ages ago and played it over many, many times and recently completed playing it through once and I want to play the second game and yes there is another Call of Duty on my List as well. I do want to continue on with these especially now that I have mastered the first one. The second game I did start to play, however got so stuck I just gave up on it... Yeah... I raged quit... smh....

3.  Call of Duty Black Ops III, Heard so much about this game and it does have a campaign which I rather play a campaign then multiplayer but from time to time you guys see me in the online world but I am more about that campaign life honestly.

4. The 4th game on my list is Life is Strange the first one as you all know I have played Before The Storm live on Twitch which mind you the channel is now down and been planning on returning to the site to do gaming streams from time to time. 

5. Life is Strange 2, why not finish off the franchise and get caught up on this franchise and i have heard a lot about the game too.

6. Punch Club, a game that I got a few years ago, the game glitched and I would like to finish it actually as it glitched on me apparently. 

                  There is my list and its an amazing list and every year I plan on updating the list as there will always be new games to play and I plan on playing these games this year and hopefully I will get threw this list this year but right now my primary focus is on The Messenger. It is going good and by the end of The Messenger, I will definitely do a video game review for you guys and what I thought of it. Which game is next? Probably will be getting Life is Strange that is on the list both 1 and 2 I would like to get and play first before the other 2 and I actually would play it in between podcasts but there is tons of games but these are definitely on my list and I should really finish the games I have first before purchasing it but I am pretty good at gaming as it is and finish games quite quickly. 


Monday, November 26, 2018

Life With Strange: Before The Storm Game Review (Some Spoilers)

            I originally was going to be talking about do I listen to my own podcasts but I have already written so today's blog post is about Life is Strange: Before The Storm which is a video game and I bought it about 2 weeks ago and I didn't realize it was 3 episodes only plus a bonus episode but I also didn't realize the episodes at some point take up 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish so it took a while and a lot dialogue to the story which is cool and I really liked the story line of the entire game. Mind you I never really made the right choices with Chloe whatsoever but I tried to rectify that with the bonus episode that takes place before Chloe's dad died in the car and I saw that at the end when Chloe and her mom is grieving over the loss of a loving father to Chloe. Also Chloe was just accepted into Blackwell Academy and her struggles as well. I made the wrong choice getting her expelled but that was the choice and I do not think I had a choice, she would of been expelled regardless of her skipping classes whatsoever. I even made Chloe talk back to her mom and her mom's boyfriend so yeah, I wasn't being nice to em but you have to do what you think is right and that is exactly what I did in the game.

             I definitely give it a 10/10, love the graphics in the game especially and the way the game itself was presenting itself I do not think there was much of a choice to make in the way of not getting Chloe expelled, it would of happened one way or another. The storyline in the game is so powerful with the news Rachel gets to the dramatic moments between Chloe, her mom and her mom's boyfriend, it sure a great timeline. Was it hard at points finding the items that I needed to find? Yes of course but I kept on trying and figuring out where it is and what not. I really enjoyed this game and I am actually planning on playing Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2 as I want to get caught up with these stories and i tend to actually enjoy them too. I got a couple of games on my list I want to get and by March I hope to get them as I finish up games here and there but Life if Strange comes first before anything else. I really like the story based games out there and plan on playing some other ones too down the road as well. I highly recommend this game if you like the story based kind of games as well.