Monday, November 26, 2018

Life With Strange: Before The Storm Game Review (Some Spoilers)

            I originally was going to be talking about do I listen to my own podcasts but I have already written so today's blog post is about Life is Strange: Before The Storm which is a video game and I bought it about 2 weeks ago and I didn't realize it was 3 episodes only plus a bonus episode but I also didn't realize the episodes at some point take up 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish so it took a while and a lot dialogue to the story which is cool and I really liked the story line of the entire game. Mind you I never really made the right choices with Chloe whatsoever but I tried to rectify that with the bonus episode that takes place before Chloe's dad died in the car and I saw that at the end when Chloe and her mom is grieving over the loss of a loving father to Chloe. Also Chloe was just accepted into Blackwell Academy and her struggles as well. I made the wrong choice getting her expelled but that was the choice and I do not think I had a choice, she would of been expelled regardless of her skipping classes whatsoever. I even made Chloe talk back to her mom and her mom's boyfriend so yeah, I wasn't being nice to em but you have to do what you think is right and that is exactly what I did in the game.

             I definitely give it a 10/10, love the graphics in the game especially and the way the game itself was presenting itself I do not think there was much of a choice to make in the way of not getting Chloe expelled, it would of happened one way or another. The storyline in the game is so powerful with the news Rachel gets to the dramatic moments between Chloe, her mom and her mom's boyfriend, it sure a great timeline. Was it hard at points finding the items that I needed to find? Yes of course but I kept on trying and figuring out where it is and what not. I really enjoyed this game and I am actually planning on playing Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2 as I want to get caught up with these stories and i tend to actually enjoy them too. I got a couple of games on my list I want to get and by March I hope to get them as I finish up games here and there but Life if Strange comes first before anything else. I really like the story based games out there and plan on playing some other ones too down the road as well. I highly recommend this game if you like the story based kind of games as well.


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