Sunday, November 25, 2018

Where did I go wrong with The CBOTW Show Podcast?

              Where did I go wrong with The CBOTW Show Podcast and Last Man Standing? I think I rushed right into things with adding in Last Man Standing and people just did not seem to enjoy it so it was a sign. Also I looked at the stats at all the platforms and seems like you guys enjoyed Music City and Power Ranger Stuff so it was not the right time to actually bring Last Man Standing into the podcasts. I think I definitely rushed into things, especially that The CBOTW Show isn't that old. For crying out loud it hasn't been a year since it started up and I am so stupid enough to actually expand way to soon? Makes no sense does it? I had to go with my vision for The CBOTW Show and it seems it failed as I went too fast. You can say I went warp speed on this podcast. It's OK though, I live and learn through these mistakes and that is what I deal with and that's OK honestly.

               Now would I add another show to The CBOTW Show lineup? Well yes, of course I would but right now isn't the right time at the moment to add on another show but that's OK because I have Music City & Power Rangers Podcast to handle on this one and of course I got the other podcast as well to deal with so which means I am a very very busy person at the moment which is good. I promise you if there is another Hell's Kitchen season, I will be covering it on the podcast no strings attached whatsoever so I promise you to expand down the road and it will be a fun to expand but like I said above... Right now is not the right time to do it at the moment. I apologize for a short blog post but tomorrow I promise you I will be posting a bit longer post tomorrow here on the website.


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