Saturday, November 24, 2018

Started to Decorate My Studio!

            Christmas season is pretty much upon us and i have already started to decorate the studio but it is not fully done as the snowflakes and other Christmas decorations are now up up but I will be working on those soon hopefully. But I have started using the lights in the studio and I rather wait till December to really start lighting up the studio for the season so in time but I have started to light things up here in my studio. I have to figure out how to put the curtain snowflakes up due to the fact I currently have my Green Bay Packers flag up behind me at the moment that may either have to come down or put the snow flakes behind or around it if worse does come to worse. This year I did 2 different levels of Christmas lights in the Chris B On The Web Studio one at the first shelf above the desk area so the new set of lights are up there. Now new lights? Yes the ones that are now at the bottom of the desk where my screens do sit on is where the old lights are setup and i got them both hooked up to a clicker beneath the desk where I am use my foot to activate the lights and I have tested it and works very well.

               I think I will wait till Larry is here in the studio on December 9th which yes it is my anniversary of when I started this 13 year journey as a media man but I do need his help with the finally touches and I think I still got my old tree that I can use here in the studio but not sure if the lights work. I thought i got rid of that tree but apparently not, it wasn't thrown away so I have it still unless my parents are referring to the gold tree of mine that could of been it but never know what she means but I will most definitely have to ask as I sworn I actually thrown it away but it's whatever I guess, I must of stored it away since stopped using it recently so I am guessing it is still in the house. Anyways I am derailing myself from the topic at hand and that is when Larry is here next time, he will be helping me finish up the studio for the Christmas and winter season as I always keep the snowflakes up during the winter all the way into late March/early April at the most. So I have started to decorate the studio and slowly getting to it and in the new year I will have to take it down as I am fixing up my desk but I get to enjoy the lights right into the new year at least.

- Chris

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