Friday, November 23, 2018

McCafe Express Service Review....

          Making this my last post about my trip to Toronto with Dave as you guys are probably getting sick of me talking about the trip honestly and I promise you this is the final post and hope you do enjoy today's blog post as its not a food review this time, its more of a service review at a restaurant.  What restaurant well McCafe which is part of the McDonald's restaurant chain.  Now the lineup itself was long enough and we had to catch the 213 pm train as the train only ran every hour that weekend due to track work in Durham so we were quite in time to getting food and he wanted to grab something small and so did I as well. At first we had the option of going through the express option with the express order I guess you would call it I guess or the line and risk us missing the train . We did line up to order but then we made that decision it would be too long so we ordered at the touch screen and mind you it went much faster then we expected and able to finish up eating in time for the Go Train. 

            Now what did I have? I had a grilled cheese on Multi Grain brain which was really super good, so soft, tender with the very gooey cheese it was very delicious and to me that is my kind of comfort food. I am not one for usually to eat Multi Grain bread but I am glad I tried it because it was indeed really good. I love how the cheese was just gooing out of the bread which means it was was cooked enough to melt the cheese in the sandwich and it wasn't done like you would do it at home. It was done in a sandwich press as I can tell by the grill marks so it is so obvious that is how it was done but it doesn't matter how it was done it was really good and delicious too. The price was reasonable and wasn't overly expensive and no fast food place is really too pricey to be honest.  Would I do this again? Of course the service, especially  the speedy service as I said before we were in a mad rush as we had a Go Train to catch at 213 in the afternoon and it was an easy solution for us to grab some food before we head out back home, mind you it was the only real choice that we had or it was either that and go back out the door, miss this train, wait one more extra hour for a bus which would actually suck as I was crabby by that time of the day. We made the right choice and no regrets whatsoever, service gets a 10/10 in my books!


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