Thursday, November 22, 2018

Tim Horton's Waffle Breakfast Sandwich Review

             Last Saturday as you know, I was in Toronto for the day and both Dave and I met at the mall and we decided to get some breakfast at Tim Horton's which mind you it is a great sandwiches and breakfast's that they have but I went something out of the ordinary and had the waffle sandwich which consists of sausage, egg between two waffles. I know it doesn't sound so appetizing to you guys and I know I felt anxious and nervous for trying this sandwich at first but I decided to say the heck with it and I am going to give it a shot and I was afraid to take the first but I didn't want to have it go cold on me if that makes any sense to you guys whatsoever so I took a bite into it and I can taste the sausage, the egg and of course the waffle.  However the part that did bother me was the fact it had Maple Syrup and I know that is part of the waffle when you have em alone especially but the way I felt about it I... Something didn't seem very right for me. I felt like the maple on the waffles did not mix with the eggs portion and I had a very odd look on my face at start and honestly even though I didn't like it I pushed myself to finish it up as I needed to have something to eat to give me energy for the long and painful travel as you know what both Dave and I went through.

               Now would I eat it again? Most definitely not as it wasn't my favorite item on the list at Timmies but I want to be honest and I do not think in the very near future I will be not trying it as I just did not like the taste of it especially with the Maple and yes I am a big Maple Syrup fan too but not so much with waffles, egg and sausage. Least I tried it out and see if I actually did enjoy it or not and that is what matters to me is I actually took a risk and tried something new. I can admit it was a moist sandwich and cooked to perfection and not burned or under cooked it was perfect it was just the flavoring that kind of got to me but like I said I tried it and I do not have to have it down the road again but I am glad to have tried it. I have been open to trying a lot of new things lately which is a good thing and it is always good to try brand new things. Speaking of which, tomorrow's blog post will be another food review with McCafe which will be out at 11 am EST like usual. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you do enjoy these food reviews or restaurant reviews I do from time to time.

- Chris

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