Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The CBOTW Show... RE: Power Rangers Podcast

          I know, I know! I have spoken about this podcast a ton before but I want to make it clear with you guys that both Larry and I came to an agreement down the road and that is why I have made the decision to officially release this statement which I have had in the back of my mind for the last 9 days now since seeing Larry last at the movies. So what is this announcement you may ask? Well recently we were talking about the seasons of Power Rangers Podcast and how he didn't really understand the seasons after and that is when I made the statement that let's stop at Dino Thunder and he agreed and that is our plan is to stop with Dino Thunder and we will not be continuing on with those whatsoever so it will be a cut off point for us to recording those but a great run. We plan on talking about the team ups after Dino Thunder at the end of the the Dino Thunder Season podcast. There is so much we can and cannot do with that podcast and we cannot do the entire series as we would be going on and on and what a great way to end those podcasts with Jason David Frank's last full on season before the team ups later on.

             What happens from there? Well Larry most definitely will be involved in Everything About Reality TV in special episodes like the 500th episode, Big Brother Canada Finale's down the road like he use to be involved with and that is fine with me honestly. I'll start picking up more shows on The CBOTW Show down the road and will not really worry about the podcast failing as it hasn't failed and Music City is a great fit for that Podcast and I plan on continuing on that one as it is the sister Podcast to Everything About Reality TV   There will always be shows to cover on the podcast and Hell's Kitchen as I mentioned on Twitter yesterday as it was a hint that I really wanted to actually cover it if they decide to renew but if not then you never know what will be covered on this podcast down the road. I will start doing polls on Twitter to see what you guys would like to see on the podcast in the way of shows.  That is my announcement that Larry and I are stopping the Power Rangers Podcast after Dino Thunder and moving on with other projects and interests that we are interested in.


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