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Monday, August 24, 2020

Something Is Up With Chris

              Chris is off today and he's not in a good frame of mine today. I will make it clear that I think he has made it clear that he is moving on after December. Part of what he's told myself and the staff of CBOTW that he's not thinking too far ahead and focusing on SPD and Mystic Force at this time but yet I remember him saying on FB Story and Instagram Stories that he was gonna start working on it but that seems to now be on the way side of things. He's been back and forth ever since he had it out with Larry with that technical issues. Yeah there has been drama between between the two of em which is ridiculous and I wish they'd get along as Chris has again in his stubborn ways told Larry that he's done, he's pretty sure there will be no renewal and the reason I am bringing up his actions is cause we all know Larry is away from the online life in August normally. I realize Chris is dealing with two friends passing away and Larry is going to somehow wonder but I know his email is in the CBOTW system and I can easily warn him ahead what's happening. However we are getting off topic aren't we? Well this all ties into what has been going on with him in his personal life and honestly Chris cracked yesterday and skipped his normal dinner time pills so his mood went really bad and I told him, he's gotta take it.

              Again, we're off topic again. I'm sure by January 2021 we will see a freakin renewal of our beloved collaboration podcast even if the numbers were bad for one episode and one episode only. It was a rough go for the two of them so I hope that he chooses to keep it going further as he is so close to his goal which is Samurai which he has time and time again talked to me about recently that being one of his ultimate goals to get with the big one to do ever single season eventually. This is a reason for why he should continue but it's his podcast and he can do what he wishes but don't forget Chris has a partner in this so should be a dual decision in the end.  Chris is stubborn and a lot of us have been saying this for years that he can be very stubborn person especially when it comes to something he is very passionate about, aka CBOTW. Let's just hope he changes his mind and I know he'd want you guys to know what's going on with him and maybe he will come out and say it one of these days. 


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Addessing Last Night...

               Last night, Chris doesn't want to remember. Actually this morning he's been very quiet and stayed his distance away from Social Media and avoiding everything right now. I think it has to do with last night's live podcast which went great up to the technical issues and him yelling and screaming live which to a point he cut the feed and more arguing happened and the two of them are not on speaking terms now. Let's leave it at that as that is between the two of them but I hate seeing friends fight like this and honestly. Anyways Chris is feeling down today and I think he's just going to remain offline today for the day and take a personal day or two off for himself. Maybe this will clear things and maybe the decision to continue will be a thing. All we know they have a 3/4 of a podcast recorded and not sure if it will be kept or not for editing that I couldn't tell you but hopefully Sunday I will have something for you guys on the weekly update blog.

                Chris does feel bad on what happened and hopefully he'll make it up to you guys when the time is right. Right now he just needs to cool down, take time for himself. I understand why he's so fired up right now. He worked 3 weeks to months to a point he's just not happy after the long hours he puts into this, not sleeping during the night or no sleep at all to just get this finished and done for this to happen on the most important night of their lives. Now the thing I can say Facebook Page views were really good too and to end it after it was going really good and was overwhelming to look at the analytics for it.  Anyways I am not sure what is going on or what he has planned now with that and if it will be finished up at a later date or if he's just done with it in it's entirety that I cannot really tell you right now. So he is sorry about last night ending the cast early but there was issues and I wish I had more information but Chris ain't speaking to anyone. He needs to have his space right now.

Sophie, Community Manager

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The CBOTW Show... RE: Power Rangers Podcast

          I know, I know! I have spoken about this podcast a ton before but I want to make it clear with you guys that both Larry and I came to an agreement down the road and that is why I have made the decision to officially release this statement which I have had in the back of my mind for the last 9 days now since seeing Larry last at the movies. So what is this announcement you may ask? Well recently we were talking about the seasons of Power Rangers Podcast and how he didn't really understand the seasons after and that is when I made the statement that let's stop at Dino Thunder and he agreed and that is our plan is to stop with Dino Thunder and we will not be continuing on with those whatsoever so it will be a cut off point for us to recording those but a great run. We plan on talking about the team ups after Dino Thunder at the end of the the Dino Thunder Season podcast. There is so much we can and cannot do with that podcast and we cannot do the entire series as we would be going on and on and what a great way to end those podcasts with Jason David Frank's last full on season before the team ups later on.

             What happens from there? Well Larry most definitely will be involved in Everything About Reality TV in special episodes like the 500th episode, Big Brother Canada Finale's down the road like he use to be involved with and that is fine with me honestly. I'll start picking up more shows on The CBOTW Show down the road and will not really worry about the podcast failing as it hasn't failed and Music City is a great fit for that Podcast and I plan on continuing on that one as it is the sister Podcast to Everything About Reality TV   There will always be shows to cover on the podcast and Hell's Kitchen as I mentioned on Twitter yesterday as it was a hint that I really wanted to actually cover it if they decide to renew but if not then you never know what will be covered on this podcast down the road. I will start doing polls on Twitter to see what you guys would like to see on the podcast in the way of shows.  That is my announcement that Larry and I are stopping the Power Rangers Podcast after Dino Thunder and moving on with other projects and interests that we are interested in.