Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Addessing Last Night...

               Last night, Chris doesn't want to remember. Actually this morning he's been very quiet and stayed his distance away from Social Media and avoiding everything right now. I think it has to do with last night's live podcast which went great up to the technical issues and him yelling and screaming live which to a point he cut the feed and more arguing happened and the two of them are not on speaking terms now. Let's leave it at that as that is between the two of them but I hate seeing friends fight like this and honestly. Anyways Chris is feeling down today and I think he's just going to remain offline today for the day and take a personal day or two off for himself. Maybe this will clear things and maybe the decision to continue will be a thing. All we know they have a 3/4 of a podcast recorded and not sure if it will be kept or not for editing that I couldn't tell you but hopefully Sunday I will have something for you guys on the weekly update blog.

                Chris does feel bad on what happened and hopefully he'll make it up to you guys when the time is right. Right now he just needs to cool down, take time for himself. I understand why he's so fired up right now. He worked 3 weeks to months to a point he's just not happy after the long hours he puts into this, not sleeping during the night or no sleep at all to just get this finished and done for this to happen on the most important night of their lives. Now the thing I can say Facebook Page views were really good too and to end it after it was going really good and was overwhelming to look at the analytics for it.  Anyways I am not sure what is going on or what he has planned now with that and if it will be finished up at a later date or if he's just done with it in it's entirety that I cannot really tell you right now. So he is sorry about last night ending the cast early but there was issues and I wish I had more information but Chris ain't speaking to anyone. He needs to have his space right now.

Sophie, Community Manager

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