Monday, August 3, 2020

Would Chris Really Move Website Providers?

               With the recent issues with the back side of the website which is fixed now and things seem to be fine with the website now but I know he went off on the Social's about the issues. I think more then likely it was to address the issues with the website and trust me he wasn't happy about the on going issues with the website. These are the two things that really ticked him off and kind of made him think about a free website again:

- Keywords not sticking: There was a problem when you entered the keywords it wouldn't remain in there. Not anymore anytime we put in keywords it seems to be fixed. For the last I don't know month or two or so that issue seemed to be the # 1 problem where we had to enter it not once, not twice but a few times.

- Blog posts Getting erased at the half way mark of the post: Every time we put in a post, we ended up losing half of the post so our posts were partially dumped as Chris put it technically which is why end of last week we ended up not posting on Friday and almost ended up not posting all weekend long but Google and Blogger seemed to fix the issue very quickly.

- Google Adsense suspending us: Apparently we were suspended for self clicking ads when all the staff and myself have ad blocker on 24-7 so we did not do that so we have ended up being suspended for 30 days which is fine because Chris has removed the ads code for now and he may just delete his adsense and find another way to earn money off the website but we'll see.

                 With all that being said, every thing is fixed and we are good to go again with posting and all the two issues we have been experiencing is fixed now on. When they updated the layout of the blogger interface it was very buggy and the recent fix has helped and every thing seems very normal again. So Chris is not moving websites. He has put in the long hours to the menu bar and working on perfecting the CSS code to the website and building numerous pages on the website and also building up on the viewership which is like 200 - 300 a day now which is crazy to be honest. Plus he is locked in with his domain for little over 3 more years so he cannot really make a move at this point and I think he will probably renew with blogger as it has been a reasonable price for the .com domain.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

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