Sunday, August 2, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Update! [08-02-2020]

             It is that time of the week again where we update you guys on everything ChrisBOnTheWeb. As you know it was another productive week for us and boy we have been very busy with adding features to the website and of course Chris working constantly hard to get the notes done for tomorrow as tomorrow is a big day but let's break down what has been happening:

Website: We've done two things, well Chris did since our website admin went rogue on us but that is besides the point. First thing was chat. Chris added the chat back and it has had both negative and positive response as we had a troll issue threatening to report me when it was one miscommunication we had which that post has been updated. Since then the chat has been moved as it got buried down on the right hand side and it was time to move it to it's own dedicated page on the website called Community Chat which has the times Staff are typcially around during the day time unless we have been up all night working hard on content for you guys. Also the color scheme of the website has been updated to blue outer edge with where you type a message and the messages area grey which really looks sleek and cool and we're very impressed with the look of it. Finally we have also have added social media buttons on the right hand side now and he's been playing around with it last night and we will get it fixed and to the right size. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: Chris has recorded a new episode of the podcast and this morning he actually had to update the website early this morning but this episode he posted up was about what is to come with the podcast in the fall.

Power Rangers Podcast: Tomorrow is the big day and Chris was up all night working hard on getting ready to record with the notes and the most part he's gotten very far and hopes to be close to finished today at some point hopefully done so he can email it over to Larry to print off so at 7 pm EST we can record and hopefully live.

               There are our updates for the week and the usual stuff happening and it has been a huge week for us. Our website has grown massively! Over 200 views a day now and ever since we've added the new features this website has gotten big amount of views which is amazing to be honest it has been an amazing week for us and we hope this week continues to grow and it will as we got all these amazing features and we're all excited for the future of this website.

Sophie, Community Manager

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