Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Re-Scheduled Till Tomorrow

               So I got the word that Chris and Larry has re-scheduled till tomorrow night due to some technical issues on Larry's side with his Tablet or IPad having to do with his charger which is why they dropped the feed the other night on Monday. He was at a point didn't say a word to Larry till later in the afternoon when the two of them spoke and he wanted to get this finished yet Chris said he was done with the podcasts but hey they want to make it right and get it done. Like I've said and if he decides to end it then they would having to finish it but the two of them wanna make it right and Thursday evening the two of them will be back on Skype around 630 pm EST. We know they were live and they have decided to not go live for the rest of the recording due to it may throw people off. Also Chris and Larry have to re do the intro for the podcast as Chris isn't happy with it and they wanna add in that he is honoring the memory of his friend Kevin that passed away recently and he forgot to add it into the podcast. Then the two of them will jump all the way into where they left off with the podcast and go for it.

              Now hopefully the new charger will help as it does look like they will be doing it by remote till at least January as the Social Circle is still going to be at 10 till at least January 2021 so they will be doing it remotely not in the same studio as one another. Chris will be in the main studio and Larry will be in his. He decided to to throw away the video version and don't worry they have the Audio ONLY saved as they converted the video into Audio and we're working on the edit the podcast and hopefully we will get it edited and an announcement will come probably Sunday or Monday and I have no clue when he's returning to blogging, he's been MIA for a very long time now going on about 2 weeks now that he's not been there but you guys know the reason behind it now is this podcast but that is what is going on and the two guys are recording and I'm excited to see the final product. I give em credit they are working tirelessly on fixing and they will get it down and they always prevail no matter how much they fight and argue they still get the job and this is why this team is so amazing we work so hard on the website.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

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