Thursday, August 6, 2020

Website Continues To Grow!

           Everyday our website continues to grow more and more everyday we get between 200 and 300 views on a regular basis which is incredible and it has continued to be consistent on a day to day basis and at this rate we will end up breaking 100k this month at some point, it is just the matter of time of it happening and don't worry and at least our site is very stable and with the flex of traffic on our website, the site hasn't crashed whatsoever which is good. Things are going great for us and we're not stopping at anytime soon. I think it all started at 100 views then 200 now 300 views a day on the website which is crazy. The numbers continue to go up on a regular basis. The move to add social media buttons and also the chat having it's own dedicated page was the best move to make honestly. It has really grown our website in views and never this could bring in views, more fans to our fan page and Twitter and his Instagram. This will be definitely a good thing for us.

            I know we had a day where we dipped down into the 100's but cannot always be over 200 to 300 every single day but 160 is still pretty good if you ask me it's better then nothing. However Chris and the rest of us here are excited that we are getting the views and this website is continually growing on a regular basis. I think part of it is with everyone home due to CoVid-19 everyone is online most of the time probably has a lot to do with the website but we do not know really. We should be happy with the way things have progressed well and the actual chat page which is there and it's not used too often minus the Staff and Mods on our chatroom, but the views are definitely there and I'm sure we will get people chatting eventually because people are checking out the chatroom one way or another.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

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