Friday, August 7, 2020

Our Former YouTube Channel Updates and Deletion...

               As you know one of our former Staff hijacked the account that I am in actually and uploaded inappropriate videos to our YouTube and gave us a warning and then a strike since that person kept on doing it so now only Chris and I have access and only the two of us have access to the account which we currently do not have a YouTube channel and our focus on the website and our social media platforms as well. We've established our community very well on here and we wanna continue it. The biggest goal is to get those likes back up on our Facebook Page is the upmost important thing. However back to what I was saying with that YouTube channel we have officially dismantled it and scheduled it for deletion as it is a brand account and will take some time for it to actually be deleted. The damage has been done and it cannot be fixed at this point. I believe we are on the right track and focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is probably the best move for us.

               Chris obviously has to get the OK and green light from the rest of the team on this and I am fine with whatever the team decides, I'm just the Community Manager of this website and ChrisBOnTheWeb so I am cool with anything. Hopefully Sunday, we will know what the status of podcasts in general are and I will have an answer for you guys on what we have planned. As for YouTube we're more then likely done with YouTube but again you never know what the team has planned with us but we're always looking into new things and honestly we're doing what's best for us in the end. So YouTube is not in the very near future for us, Chris is sticking to what he said about being retired from YouTube, he's meant every word of it.

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

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