Saturday, August 8, 2020

When Is Chris Set To Return To Blogging?

              So there has been questions to when the boss man aka Chris is to return to blogging and the online life. Well good news is he is set to return on Monday, yes this Monday he is coming back after weeks of being off from social media and being sequestered in the studio working on Power Rangers Podcast for the past week, week and a half to 2 weeks. So Monday, you will be seeing a different name on the blog for once and don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my time writing to you guys on a regular basis but it is time for the boss talk to you guys. I am going nowhere, will still be active in chat during the week, answering messages from you guys on Social so you will still see me around and whatever he needs, I will do for him. What is he going to be talking about well, I am guessing he will be updating what he's been up to over the past week or so and when we know and he will give you guys his insight on Big Brother 22 this season since Everything About Reality TV Podcast is ending and he is excited to be returning finally. Hopefully he will be back for good and he won't disappear. I do not know if he will be active on the chatroom and active that I couldn't tell you guys really.

              So you will be hearing from me on a weekly basis as Chris blogs 6 days a week and I am back to weekly posts again but I am always around to fill in. However I am sure you guys are sick of hearing from me but I am always a team player to help him and the team out. It is long coming for the return of the boss man, it has been very quiet without him on the website blog, chat and socials. However, Chris has been sneaky and went on to say hey to you guys from time to time but most posts are from me but you will be hearing a ton more from him and he has great topics to talk about and he has even has 2 on the list already plus whatever is on the board in his studio so he has things all set up for the next week already which is awesome he has content for you guy one way or another.

Sophie, CBOTW Community  Manager

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