Sunday, August 9, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates [07-09-2020]

                Here are the weekly update for ChrisBOnTheWeb. Now there wasn't much going on with ChrisBOnTheWeb as it has been a very quiet but dramatic week. As you guys know Chris and Larry drama happened on our Facebook Page live which shouldn't have happened really. Chris could of muted the video version of the podcast aka FB or go to the main image screen and put up text however I have news one what happened:

- Chris and Larry mend fences after he debacle and they successfully finished up recording and we're now piecing this puzzle together and hopefully this week we will upload it and post it up here on the website for you guys to hear. It is a very long podcast but we will get it edited and posted up sometime and there will be an announcement on our Social Media accounts to when it is up!

- Chris has got a program where he is able to bring Skype calls to the Audacity Program which definitely makes things a lot easier and Chris actually has tested it out and figured out how to work. He has to tweak a couple of computer settings but it's easy to setup and he has an idea how to work with it and it will do until he can get the gear for the Mix-Minus setup on the mixer in the studio.

- The Boss Man has confirmed it that there is no plans to lift the social distancing rule so he has already put it in place that him and Larry will be recording Power Rangers Podcasts via Skype until further notice which is totally fine but this could change, this could change, it could not change it is a day to day basis as the studio remains in lock down and has been for nearly 5 months now. 

Will be chatting with you guys next week,

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager

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