Monday, August 24, 2020

Something Is Up With Chris

              Chris is off today and he's not in a good frame of mine today. I will make it clear that I think he has made it clear that he is moving on after December. Part of what he's told myself and the staff of CBOTW that he's not thinking too far ahead and focusing on SPD and Mystic Force at this time but yet I remember him saying on FB Story and Instagram Stories that he was gonna start working on it but that seems to now be on the way side of things. He's been back and forth ever since he had it out with Larry with that technical issues. Yeah there has been drama between between the two of em which is ridiculous and I wish they'd get along as Chris has again in his stubborn ways told Larry that he's done, he's pretty sure there will be no renewal and the reason I am bringing up his actions is cause we all know Larry is away from the online life in August normally. I realize Chris is dealing with two friends passing away and Larry is going to somehow wonder but I know his email is in the CBOTW system and I can easily warn him ahead what's happening. However we are getting off topic aren't we? Well this all ties into what has been going on with him in his personal life and honestly Chris cracked yesterday and skipped his normal dinner time pills so his mood went really bad and I told him, he's gotta take it.

              Again, we're off topic again. I'm sure by January 2021 we will see a freakin renewal of our beloved collaboration podcast even if the numbers were bad for one episode and one episode only. It was a rough go for the two of them so I hope that he chooses to keep it going further as he is so close to his goal which is Samurai which he has time and time again talked to me about recently that being one of his ultimate goals to get with the big one to do ever single season eventually. This is a reason for why he should continue but it's his podcast and he can do what he wishes but don't forget Chris has a partner in this so should be a dual decision in the end.  Chris is stubborn and a lot of us have been saying this for years that he can be very stubborn person especially when it comes to something he is very passionate about, aka CBOTW. Let's just hope he changes his mind and I know he'd want you guys to know what's going on with him and maybe he will come out and say it one of these days. 


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