Tuesday, August 25, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb 6 Year Anniversary Plans?

             This media group is getting close to it's 6th Anniversary, to be exact, November 14th is our anniversary. Well, I have already worked on tweaking our current logo and banners for  this very website and social media platforms that we have. I am not going to make overall big deal but yeah 6 years is a long time for us but I just think it is a good idea to not make overall big deal however my staff gave me the idea to do a video about some of the different favorite moments that we have been through over the years and honestly since it was a split between YouTube and Podcasting but don't worry I have some ideas and it is on my list. As you know I am near finished with Wild Force and will be typing up the notes but soon as that is finished I am going to work on this Anniversary stuff as I plan to take a week off from Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast stuff and I think I wanna get this done. 

              Now when are the logo and banners going live on the website? I was set on October 1st, 2020 but I have decided to put the logos up everywhere on September 1st, 2020 and it will remain up till January 1st, 2021! Now video I did mention will be up on November 14th around 1 pm EST on Facebook Page and Instagram Pages and I cannot wait for you guys to see the video and I even do not know what is on it as it hasn't been recorded as of yet at this moment, however it will be soon recorded but I am planning to hopefully next week at the latest but we will see how far I get with the notes and I woke up during the night during a thunderstorm originally so decided to get some work done but it is on my long list of things to do before the Anniversary day arrives and we get to celebrating. Finally, I may do a premiere on Facebook for this video as well on top of a Live Stream with Staff in the evening if they want to but that is a discussion for us to have down the road but I would like us to do a FB Live and even if it was on my own that was fine too but again that is up to the staff and I but we will let you guys know the plan for that day soon on the line-up. I got a ton of ideas right now including airing an old classic episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show! Also a collaboration podcast with Larry but again I will let you guys know soon on a schedule throughout the day. 


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