Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Update!

             Today marks the end of me watching Power Rangers Wild Force which means only one thing... I get to start to type up notes. I am hoping by next week to have em finished and I can send it off to Larry. He doesn't know I will be sending off the notes to him so he has them. It is nice to be done watching the episodes and able to start typing the notes. I and not going to be watching Ninja Storm for a while maybe till a week or 2 later due to the fact that I need a break from this. I do enjoy watching the series and getting important notes from it, but it is a very long and tiring process and I do need a break. However once Wild Force is fully complete, I can sit back think wow we are this far and trust me we have gotten very far with the show and I wanna continue if Larry wants to continue. I know I sent Larry a message saying I feel like I was ready to move on but it all depends on the views that we get from this podcast, it really depends on that.

              Don't think I will be thinking about the next step because I want to be ready to go as we are stepping back with 2 less episodes. Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder are at least 38 episodes long and we are now stepping down in the number of episodes and it will eventually be in the early 20's eventually but right now we remain in the later 30's in the way of episodes at this moment. So the length of the podcast will change eventually Mystic Force will be down in the early 30's and yeah while typing up these notes I looked it up and by the time we hit Samurai we will be down to 20 episodes. So we will be getting lower in the numbers but don't worry it will be still fun to do even if we end up continuing this for that long and honestly I am sure it will as long as you guys listen to the show  we will continue producing it all together! 


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