Sunday, August 23, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates [08-11-2020]

               It has been a hectic week for all of us, especially Chris who has been working hard on Power Rangers Wild Force but I will get into that today. Not much to really update you guys on but here are your updates for the week.

Website: The site continues to grow with views even without the chatroom no longer present on here anymore as you know we removed it anyways, we still continue to grow on the website and the numbers continue to grow which is a very positive thing. 

Power Rangers Podcast: Chris is finishing up watching Wild Force today and he will be typing up notes tomorrow morning which will be a lengthy process but he will get it done. Then he will probably take a small break for a week or few days at the most and start on Ninja Storm for the final podcast for 2020. 

Sports Talk With Bulldog: He also has recorded the raw intro but no introduction theme as he has to come up with ideas how to do it and he might have a cool idea but he wants to do them and get Billy's approval on it first as it is his podcast.

              There are a couple of small updates and I hope you enjoyed reading these updates. I will be back next weekend as Chris has the Monday - Saturday shift for the blogs which I honestly wish he'd give more opportunities to the staff to post up more like Billy and Larry who have access to this blog on ChrisBOnTheWeb but never know he might.  Hopefully next weekend I got news for you all with what I said above but we will see by next week's post. 


Have a great week!

- CBOTW Team

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