Saturday, August 22, 2020 Has Almost Reached 100k (100,000 Views)?!

            I can't believe it! I couldn't believe this. We're almost close to hitting 100k or 100,000 website views which goes to show with all the promoting of the website, the blog and the podcasts does. We have really have pushed the networking to the max the last few months and really getting our website out there and it really excited to be reaching this far with the website already! The website started getting 100, 200, 300 + views a day which all adds up in the end and that is what it is doing. We're continuing to grow on a daily basis and we just have to keep on building it up. 100K is a lot of visitors both returning and new visitors to the website which is incredible! Ever since we started tinkering with our site and changing the menu bar and what not is when the views started coming in so you guys have been keeping up with out craziness and changes that we have made here on the website recently. Either way, this really makes us happy and I posted a screenshot to prove to you guys we're almost there and honestly it will happen sooner then you think. 

               I am feeling like it will happen and it will actually happen before the year is done but if not before the year is done, then most definitely will happen within the new year but the way you guys are constaqntly returning to our website really makes me feel positively it will happen this year at some point. Don't forget we have September, October, November and December to happen still so those are 4 months to go technically so there is definitely a ton of time. Finally I want to thank you guys for your continuing to support us through all these changes especially as you know we ended a very long running podcast after nearly 5 years and almost 300 episodes and 13 seasons. No matter what we did, you guys continued to support us and have helped us get to this point that our website has been nothing but a success. We thank you for your continuing support and hope you will continue to support us throughout our next adventures with blogging and podcasting. 

Chris, Founder/Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb 

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